December 2, 2022

Want to Have High Social Awareness? These 10 Things You Must Have!

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Social awareness is one part of social intelligence. Well, as a person who has various kinds of activities such as taking education, conducting business negotiations, becoming a professional, being an employee of a company, even being a politician even though social intelligence is very necessary.

One of them is having high social awareness. Social awareness is a person’s skill in understanding the thoughts and feelings of others. Social awareness is defined as awareness of the problems faced by different people and communities every day to realize the difficulties of society.

Social awareness society seeks to achieve through interaction and education. Self-awareness is the basic capital in which it explains the task according to Flurentin. Meanwhile, there is an opinion about social awareness according to Goleman, a person’s ability to recognize other people or care shows one’s ability to empathize.

Individuals who have the ability to empathize are better able to pick up hidden social signals that indicate what other people need so that they are more able to accept other people’s points of view, are sensitive to other people’s feelings, and are better able to listen to other people’s opinions and other people’s conversations.

Understanding oneself is a necessary condition before starting the process of understanding others or oneself. People are able to show that people’s feelings and cues are more emotionally adjusted, more popular, more sociable, more sensitive to other people, and so on. We must teach children from an early age to be social and that social is important for them. Children must be taught what is the importance of society and what are the benefits of social.

With this understanding, relationships will be better, conflicts can be eased, and your impact on the world will be more positive. That is why understanding what social awareness is and how to cultivate it within yourself is an important piece of success. At least, there are 10 things you must have to increase social awareness.

  1. Basic Empathy Lets You Be More Sensitive to Others

Basic Empathy is the ability to read non-verbal cues given by others. Although a person can stop talking, he will not be able to stop signals about how he is feeling through tone of voice, facial expressions, and other emotional signals.

By learning and instilling basic empathy in ourselves, we will automatically become more sensitive to others. We can understand what the people around us feel. That way, we can adjust when we talk and interact.

“We’re highly social animals – I’m told by scientists that what makes us different from other animals is an acute social awareness, which is what has made us so successful.” ~ Alan Alda

2. Alignment must be done so that it is not called selfish

Alignment is the ability to listen and pay full attention to what other people are saying and only focus on the other person so that we can talk to each other and give an appropriate response, not just one-sided talk.

Millennials always ignore this. When they talk, they usually just want to be heard without listening. Therefore, we must align ourselves so that we are not selfish, we must listen to what the other person is saying and respond according to what is being discussed.

3. Empathic Accuracy So You Can Understand Other People’s Feelings

Empathic accuracy is the ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others through the non-verbal language that they provide. Having the ability to read someone’s non-verbal language, will make us more accurate in feeling and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others.

Does your interlocutor often code rather than speak frankly? Well, you need to have empathic accuracy so that you can understand the codes given by your interlocutor. For example, if your interlocutor doesn’t have time to talk for a long time by giving certain words, you need to understand and understand him because this world is not your own.

4. Social Cognition so that you don’t choose the wrong step in every situation

Social cognition is the ability of individuals to understand and choose what is right to do in different situations even though there are no written rules about it. Social cognition will help individuals in solving social dilemmas such as how to make new friends in a new environment.

In addition, social cognition can also help you in other problems, such as in conditions of conflict with friends, in a group discussion, or in a work meeting. You can determine what is appropriate to do in these conditions so that it can have a positive impact.

5. Use Appropriate Communication

Communication is usually understood as talking, or interacting. That’s true, but the definition is too narrow to mean communication. Communication is defined as the process of sending messages from the communicator to the communicant. Therefore, we also need to adjust the communication we use so that what we are talking about can be understood by the other person. In addition, we also need to see if our interlocutor is suitable to use standard, scientific, or slang language. That way, what we say will not be ambiguous in the ears of the other person.

Those are 5 things you must have to be able to get high social awareness. Humans are social creatures, we should be able to relate well to other humans. No one can live alone in this world.

6. Stronger Connections

One of the key benefits of building social awareness is the strength of connections and relationships it provides. A lot of the time when we hear these terms, we automatically think in a romantic sense. Yes, social awareness improves these relationships, but it is not limited to the romantic world.

Let’s think about it in terms of sports. This is a world where relationships are king. A truth that has been difficult for me to accept, but a truth, nonetheless. Whether we are talking about landing a starting position on a team, getting signed to a team, or even being given an opportunity to try out, relationships play an important role.

If you lack social awareness, it can be difficult to form such relationships. However, if you learn to master social awareness, you can build strong, meaningful connections.

For instance, having the ability to understand and empathize with your coach can help you build a stronger bond with him or her. In turn, they will be more engaged in helping you improve and reach your athletic goals.

Now, it may come off that I am saying social awareness helps to build relationships and this is good because you can gain something. However, that is merely a side effect. Building better relationships with your coaches, teammates, friends, or partners simply lead to increased fulfillment and a more positive interaction overall.

7. Increased Positivity

It is not a secret that a positive life is a better-lived life. Anyone who used to sulk about and now lives more upbeat and positive can attest that it is a much better way to live (once you get over the initial addiction to that negative feeling).

When we are experiencing better relationships, as pointed out in the first benefit, it will be easier to be positive about certain situations. Continuing the example used regarding a relationship with your coach, having such a strong bond will improve your outlook.

You will feel more positive about your sport, your athletic improvement, and your ability to keep progressing to a higher level.

In line with the second benefit, better-managed conflicts will lead to a better feeling of positivity about your relationships and your life in general. When we are constantly in a state of disagreement, it can be difficult to see the bright side of any situation.

However, when we are able to navigate such situations more smoothly, it is much easier to see a positive light in our lives.

8. Become a Better Listener

If we want to improve our social awareness, then one of the easiest ways to immediately do so is by becoming a better listener. No, do not go out and get a hearing aid, that’s not what I’m referring to.

When talking about becoming a better listener, it’s all about our frame of mind going into the conversation.

Many times, we will be having a discussion or listening to someone with the sole purpose of responding. This puts us in a defensive mindset and does not allow us to really gain insight into how the other person is feeling.

What we must do is listen to understand. Be inquisitive and excited to learn what the other person has to say. Give them your full attention and it will be remarkable how fast your social awareness skills begin to grow.

9. Conflict Management

Sometimes conflicts are necessary, especially when a certain topic or concern needs to be worked through. What social awareness provides is better management when it comes to conflicts.

When we get into an argument, without a high level of social awareness, we often become defensive and firmly hold our viewpoint. However, this is not a very good way to work through any kind of disagreement.

All that will result from this type of interaction is further frustration and arguing. But, if you have high social awareness, then conflicts can be navigated and handled in a more positive manner.

This is due to the ability social awareness provides to take the other person’s point of view. If we can understand why they are upset, why they feel hurt, or why they think what they do, then we will have a better chance of coming to a compromise or agreement.

In this way, conflicts will be much healthier and will actually have a positive effect on your life and relationships.

10. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I’m sure this is a phrase you’ve heard often but is it something you actually do? It can be quite difficult to actually put ourselves in the shoes of another, especially if we are in conflict with them.

But, in order to gain a complete understanding of their opinions and beliefs, it is a vital tool to use.

All that you have to do is think to yourself, “How would I feel if I was this person? Would what I am saying or how I am acting be upsetting or hurtful?”

Just by performing this exercise, you will automatically gain a higher sense of social awareness.

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