December 3, 2022

Viral Foods You Have to Try at Least Once in Your Life

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Viral foods are on trending. The year of 2020 that became the worst year for people around the world. The nightmare that suddenly came forced us to feel bored at home. Even so, people were trying to fight their boredom by playing on social media and finding new activities or hobbies.

Cooking is one of the new hobbies that is frequently shared on social media. Many people share innovative food recipes that are worth trying. By sharing tutorials through social media, people ask others to have a try on their recipes.

Let’s have a look at several viral foods that are worth a try!

1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is the most viral drink in 2020 (Photo: asianfoodnetwork).

Who doesn’t know about this most viral coffee in 2020? A menu popularized by Korean actor, Jung Il Woo was viral after people shared it through social media. 

It is a drink made with black coffee, sugar, and water with a 1:1:1 ratio. Then, you mix the ingredients until the texture is foamy. That is why it is called dalgona because the coffee foam looks like the dalgona batter. After that, you can add ice and milk. Then, you add the coffee foam on the top to create layers between them. 

Another reason this coffee goes viral is that the process of making the coffee foam is tricky. People are curious and want to have a try to get the perfect foam. It needs a quite long time to make it. Therefore, there are many coffee shops that are selling this menu. If you’re too lazy to make it by yourself, you can buy it from the nearest coffee shop.

Not only coffee, but there are other variations of these menu, such as matcha dalgona latte and chocolate dalgona latte.

2. Ramdon or Jjapaguri

Enjoy Jjapaguri with sirloin beef steak (Photo: istockphoto)

This is another viral recipe that comes from South Korea, precisely from an Oscar movie, Parasite. This menu is made with instant ramen. However, you have to combine two different kinds of instant noodles, named Jjapagetti and Neoguri. Jjapagetti is instant ramen that tastes quite sweet because of the black bean sauce. Neoguri is an instant soup udon with a slightly spicy taste. That is why it is also famous as Ramdon (Ramen-Udon).

This recipe gets appreciation from people around the world because this combination is unexpectedly delicious. Especially if you add more protein.

In the movie Parasite, they use sirloin beef steak as the protein. You can simply replace it with eggs. Also, don’t forget to eat it with kimchi as the side dish. 

There are two kinds of Jjapageti; Original (Brown) and Spicy (Red).

To hype the popularity of this menu, Nongshim, the brand of Jjapagetti and Neoguri, finally creates two types of Jjapaguri. Both are Nongshim Jjapaguri and Nongshim Angry Jjapaguri, so you don’t have to use two portions of noodles to make this menu anymore. The difference between those two types is that Angry Jjapaguri is spicier than the original one. However, instant Jjapaguri is still hard to find overseas. 

3. Ramen Hacks

Try new ways to enjoy your instant ramen (Photo: cookpad).

Other than ramen-udon, you can also create another menu from the instant noodle at your home. Ramen hacks are very popular on TikTok with various recipes from many creators.

The basic one is you choose a spicy instant noodle. It can be Samyang or others. Then, instead of using boiled water, you use milk, so the taste is creamier and not really spicy. To make it more delicious, you can also add an egg and some melted cheese.

Another popular menu is Indomie Carbonara which was first shared by Edelenyi Laura Anna on her Instagram. This is also a simple menu because you only need several additional ingredients, such as milk, cheese, butter, and sausage. By using those ingredients, you can make a cheap delicious carbonara at home.

You can also make creamy ramen by Shin Ramen, a popular spicy soup ramen from Korea. You can see the most viral ramen hacks on TikTok, Mayo Ramen. The taste is creamy just like when you use milk or cheese. However, the base is different by using mayonnaise and raw egg.

You only have to prepare the soup base of Shin Ramen. Then, mix it with mayonnaise and a raw omega 3 egg. After that, you can add the boiled water and the noodles. The soup will have a unique taste, but it does not remove the original taste of Shin ramen itself.

There are still many recipes that you can try, such as peanut butter ramen, ice cream ramen, and so on. You may find the recipes on YouTube or other social media platforms. 

4. Gimmari

Make a simple snack with instant noodles (Photo: cookpad)

If you ever go to a ramen restaurant, perhaps you have ever seen a big seaweed in your ramen bowl. However, this popular menu from Korea is different because you will eat fried food with both noodles and nori. In Korea, people usually eat gimmari with tteokbokki. Yet, people have started to try making it at home as a snack.

Basically, it is a deep-fried noodle covered with nori. In Korea, it is filled with glass noodles and vegetables as you can see here. The modern version is made with instant noodles, Samyang, to make the taste spicier. You can eat it with your favorite sauce, such as soy sauce or chili sauce.

5. Tofu Nori

Create a simple breakfast with only two ingredients (Photo: urbanasia).

Another menu with nori is tofu nori. Different from Gimmari which is filled with noodles, this is made with Japanese tofu as the filling of the nori. The perfect combination between soft tofu and nori makes this menu popular, especially for vegetarians.

You only need to roll the tofu and nori, cut them into several pieces, then fry it. If you want to eat immediately, it is better to cover the tofu nori with cornstarch to make it crispier. Or you may also saute it with sauce. It can be oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, or a spicy sauce that suits your taste. You can also add more vegetables, like bok choy. 

For the full recipe, you can see here. This simple menu can be a snack, but it is recommended to eat it with rice, especially for breakfast.

6. Crab Rangoon

Try a combination between crab and cheese (Photo: dinnerthedessert).

Let’s move on for you seafood lovers! Crab rangoon–also called crab puffs– is a Chinese-American food that you may find at Chinese restaurants. This menu is viral on TikTok, so you can try making it at home with simple ingredients.

It is similar to common fried dumplings. What makes it different is the filling. Usually, you make dumplings filled with chicken or shrimp. What makes crab rangoon is unique is it uses crab or crab stick with cheese as the filling.

Another uniqueness is the shape, the dumpling skin is folded like a flower, which looks very mouthwatering. It is very simple to cook and it is also good to have it as a snack. You can share it with your friends or family. To make this menu, you can check the recipe here.

7. Fried Cheesy Shrimp 

Make udang keju that is viral in Indonesia (Photo: cookpad).

Indonesia is famous for its fried foods, and so does this menu. This menu–also known as udang keju– goes viral since it is sold in an Indonesian restaurant. However, the restaurant is too crowded and it is a new restaurant where they do not have many branches. That is why people who are curious about this menu try to imitate the recipe at home. Even though the taste may be different from the original one, you can try to make it, so you won’t be outdated.

It is similar to nuggets or katsu, but the main ingredient is shrimp. To make this menu, you can watch the tutorial through this video. You can eat it as a snack with your favorite sauce, such as mayonnaise and ketchup. You also can eat it with carbs, such as rice, french fries, or noodles.

8. Mentai

Mentai is the popular Japanese food nowadays (Photo: urbanasia).

This Japanese viral menu is as popular as ramen and sushi. The main point of this menu is the mentaiko that is mixed with mayonnaise. This is called mentai sauce.

However, the ingredients to make the sauce are quite difficult to find. You need mentaiko (pollock roe or cod roe). You can also replace it with tobiko (flying fish roe) to have a better taste.

For the carbs, you may choose between rice, noodles, or shirataki. You can marinate the carbs with sesame oil and seasoned nori to make it tastier. The most common topping is salmon, but you can change it to chicken, kani or crab stick, enoki mushroom, etc. Don’t forget to torch the mentai sauce, so it will look more appetizing! Other than a main course, you can also make a mentai cake if you’re bored of having a sweet one. 

It looks very complicated. You need some effort to buy the ingredients and the tools if you don’t have the torch. Therefore, if you want to have it easy, you can order it from a shop. Here is a recommendation shop in Jakarta if you are interested to try.

People said that cooking by yourself is healthier, so why don’t you try these recommended menus at home?

Not only during quarantine, but you can re-cook these menus as your daily meals.

If you like cooking, you can create another unique menu by modifying some ingredients or the way it cooks, so which one will you cook next?

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