December 6, 2022

Traveling must be a group? You definitely don’t know the excitement of Solo Travel!

Author: Sophia Al Khalifi
Date: April 19, 2022

Perhaps you often plan to travel with your friends and when one of them cannot join, the plan ends up being zonk? Please, don’t let it happen. Make solo travel a fun alternative choice!

Making plans to go out with friends is not easy. Considering that our friends may have different busy schedules and different holiday schedules. However, do you know if traveling alone is not a bad idea?

This article will discuss several things about solo travel, check this out!

  1. What is Solo Travel?
  2. Why should you do Solo Travel?
  3. Tips for get a fun Solo Travel!
  4. Don’t do these things when solo travel!

Let’s discuss thoroughly one by one!


Solo travel is a condition where you go on vacation or travel alone without a friend or guide who has been booked from the start. Starting from the choice of tourist destinations, purchasing tickets, lodging and food accommodation, you can arrange everything yourself according to your budget and taste.

Before discussing further about Solo Travel, you may want to know the meaning and impression you will get when doing Solo Travel by clicking on the following link:

How? After knowing the meaning of traveling from the experiences of people who have done Solo Travel, it definitely makes you want to do Solo Travel even more, right?

Traveling alone does have its challenges, ranging from the potential for boredom to confusion when in a new place.

Therefore, make sure you prepare everything carefully a maximum of a week before leaving for the tourist destination you have chosen.

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Doing Solo Travel certainly provides an interesting experience for you that you cannot get when traveling with a group of your friends. You can also focus more on enjoying the trip and the scenery that is served during Solo Travel which can calm your mind and pull you for a moment from the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

There are many other benefits that you can get when you decide to do Solo Travel, let’s strengthen your motivation to do Solo Travel!


Some of the best offers are offered for those of you who want to do Solo Travel.

Solo Travel can provide greater benefits than you imagine, you can get valuable experiences from traveling alone to finding your new identity after the trip is complete.

The benefits that you will get when doing Solo Travel, including:

  1. You will step out of your comfort zone
  2. Train yourself to be more independent
  3. You will find your true self
  4. Become a more confident person
  5. Learn more from nature and travel

For you all guys who are over 30 years old and haven’t done solo travel, you should do it once in your life. Some of the advantages mentioned above are only a small part of the benefits of solo travel. Instead of you regretting it in the future, you better do it now and don’t miss the moment!

Check the following article to get more about advantages of solo travel!


For those of you who want to do Solo Travel but are still confused about what to do so that your trip goes well and as expected, let’s see the following article:

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Solo travel is a flexible activity you can do anywhere, it doesn’t have to be to a luxurious and famous place, you can also explore nearby places such as traditional markets to try street food and enjoy local products in there.

How traditional market is fun to explore? You can watch the video below!

To have a pleasant solo travel, not only must we go to the right place but also we must make the right preparations!

1. Prepare your travel plans!

Even though you are a solo traveler, it doesn’t mean you are free to go anywhere you want without any preparation. The preparation is by arranging several travel destinations. Don’t get to the destination area, even confused about where to go.

2. Secure accommodation!

As a solo traveler, the first problem that must be prepared is accommodation. That is choosing a safe and comfortable place to stay with lodging that has good reviews. Because when you are on vacation alone, you must need extra security.

3. Double-check important documents!

Checks back a number of important documents to take when on vacation alone; starting from ID cards, passports, travel tickets, or lodging room cards. And routinely checking all important documents will reduce us from being careless.

4. Find out transportation access!

Moving from one destination to another requires an efficient mode of transportation. And it is also necessary to find out which public transportation is easy to reach and reliable. If you use the bus or MRT, you need to know the departure schedule every day. Likewise, the operating hours limit if there is one. Write everything down in a small notebook so you don’t miss any info.

5. Don’t forget personal medicine!

No one can solve health problems while traveling more than you. Therefore, bring supplies of medicines as complete as possible; starting from vitamins, dizziness medicine, allergy medicine, pain relief cream, etc.

6. Bring more money, the better!

Don’t forget to bring extra cash just in case. Actually, you can just bring the right money and vacation in backpacker style. But we won’t know what will happen. Therefore, bring enough cash, the rest can be transferred at an ATM or using a credit card.


When traveling alone, of course, it will be very inconvenient if unwanted things happen during the trip; moreover you can’t ask strangers for help easily and only have yourself. Therefore, there are several things that must be avoided when Solo Travel so as not to harm you.

Click the link below for information regarding common mistakes in Solo Travel:

  1. Go straight away without research
  2. Failed to estimate the budget
  3. Too much luggage
  4. Stay in a place that doesn’t have a security guard
  5. Not preparing for emergencies
  6. Too many for tourist destinations at the beginning or end of the trip
  7. Always have high expectations
  8. Not trying to join a tour group

For you tough women and want to do Solo Travel, watch the following video so that your Girl’s Solo Travel is memorable!

The mindset, “don’t go alone because you’re a girl,” must be changed. If this world is indeed dangerous for women, is it appropriate for us to lock them up and limit the space for women to move?

We use that logic is so persuasive that structural crimes will continue even if women hide under the bed. Therefore, we must make careful preparations to do this solo travel, especially for women. Because the danger always be found anywhere. However, that’s no excuse for girls to miss out on the fun of solo travel.

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