December 2, 2022

Things You Should Know Before Weekend Traveling

Are you tired from working every week? Do you need a rest but are too bored to stay at home and too busy to take a trip? Weekend Traveling might be suitable for you.

Here are some things to prepare before you go on a weekend traveling.

By: Muhammad Ilham Putra Pribadi

Weekend traveling with friends in Kebun Raya Bogor

The weekend is the time when people are really excited about it every week. Most people do their daily activities on a weekday and they get out of the routine on the weekend. People usually take their weekend to rest from the busy world of working from nine to five. Some of them are doing activities they can’t do on weekdays.

However, the weekend is not all about resting but more about entertaining themselves. You might be sick of lazing around doing nothing on the weekend. Then, you see some new tourist attractions in other cities on the Internet and become interested to visit them. But you cant’ afford to take a day off from work but the boredom really makes you want to travel. That’s where the weekend traveling comes to mind

Weekend traveling is different than the usual traveling you take on holiday. You have a limited time to travel because you still have to go back to your routine after the weekend. There are many other things you need to do before traveling on the weekend to optimize your short vacation. These are something you should look at before traveling on weekend.

Decide where you want to go

When traveling, the destination is the compass that points to where you want to go. Choosing the destination keeps your vacation on track as you only have a short time. Without a destination, it will cause confusion about where you want to spend your weekend. It also tires you out as you have no idea where do you want to go.

The destination is an essential thing in weekend traveling as it becomes the main reason you make this trip. You can decide the destination on the way, but it will take too much time and energy. The best way to do it is before you do the traveling. It also helps you with other things such as fixing the cost and the transportation.

The best way to decide your destination is to list the place you want to visit. After that, you have prioritized the destination you want to visit the most and then choose them. It is okay to pending some destination because you have a little time and resources. Also, you can go there on another weekend trip, so don’t worry.

Make traveling plan

The main point of making a plan is to make your trip more organized. You want to spend your weekend out of your routine to the fullest. You don’t want to lose precious time on your long-awaited weekend. That is where a plan can help you optimize the time that you will spend on the weekend.

With traveling planning, you don’t have to worry about going somewhere because you have already thought about it before. It also saves you a lot of time. Imagine when you are in the middle of the trip but you are confused in deciding to because there are many places on the list. This situation will not only waste your precious time but also may tire you out as you think hard.

Your trip will be easier to follow because you have decided to visit the destination. It also helps you to reduce the chance of making a mistake during your travel.

Always check the schedule

Some of the tourist attraction or destination on your list is not always open. Tourist destinations such as museums and any government-based public places are closed on certain occasions. Not only that, but the open hour of some places is also different. Let’s say, National Museum opens at 9.00 am while National Library opens at 8.00 am. If you are not careful, you might get the wrong visit time.

Checking the transportation schedule is also important. If you travel using public transportation, especially if they have schedules such as train, plane, and ferry. You don’t want to be late for using transportation. They are not kind enough to wait for you if you are late. It also helps you to allocate the time optimally and gives you a full weekend time without any time wasted.

The importance of scheduling may avoids you to take on more than you can handle. Let’s say you want to visit two places in an hour. But in reality, it took more time to go from one place to another. Guess what, you missed the chance to visit the second place. If you check your schedule, you can arrange your departure earlier so you won’t be late for the second destination.

Prepare your belongings

Packing is an important thing to do before traveling, even if only for a small trip. Traveling anywhere requires you to pack some stuff. You don’t want to forget your wallet when you go on a trip as it holds your important items. Some places also require you to bring some stuff, especially in this pandemic. You are required to wear a mask everywhere and to bring a vaccine certificate.

Preparing your belongings is important to support your trip. Let’s say, if you go to the beach, you might want to bring sunscreen and sandals. You also want to bring your wet suit and goggles so you can swim in the sea. If you are not packing, it may mess up your trip and you don’t want this to happen, don’t you?

Make a backup traveling plan

Your trip will not always come out as you planned. There are some situations in your trip that are not going well as you planned. Some unexpected things can happen on that day that may disturb or break your plan. This situation where you face the unpredictable variable might put you into a mess in the middle of a trip.

With a backup plan, your trip will be much easier to handle even if you meet some problems in your traveling plan. For example, if you plan on visiting a museum, unfortunately, the museum is closed for maintenance on that day. If you have a backup plan, you know what to do with the museum visit, either change it to another place or skip to the next place on the list, or anything else. This backup plan not only will save your precious weekend time, but also avoids your mood from being ruined.

The point of doing weekend traveling is to get yourself out of the daily routines of working and the boredom of staying in the house all weekend. These traveling tips are important to make sure your trip takes turns into an exhausting trip as you have to go back to work on Monday. Also, don’t be too over-prepare because it might make you bring unnecessary things and tired you out before the trip begin.

Keeping everything simple and light, and trying to have fun is the key to a successful weekend traveling.

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