December 3, 2022

These are the 5 Main Causes of Your Eyes Become Unhealthy. You Must Know!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your eyes? Do you feel like you blink a lot and sometimes feel sore? Do you ever feel like you can’t look at the screen for long periods of time? However, when you look at the screen for too long, your eyes become sore and look tired? If you have these conditions, those are one a sign your eyes are unhealthy. So, what are the main causes of your eyes becoming unhealthy?

Many people ignore their eye health. Usually, they will realize and start to panic when they are finally diagnosed with eye disease What a pity. If we are aware of the symptoms, actually we can prevent them.

The eyes are one part of the body that must be taken care of too. If you are diagnosed with eye disease, it will interfere with your activities. For example, you are required to wear glasses. It is very uncomfortable to wear glasses for a very long time when you are doing your activities. I would say that is your punishment because you do not take care of your eye health when your eyes are fine.

So, what are the causes that can cause your eyes to be unhealthy?

Staring at the screen too long

The screen is one of the tools that are used by many people. Almost every hour in a day, people stare at the screen. The screens that people often use are cell phones, laptops, computers, television, and tablet computer. You must be a user of one of those screen forms or even you are a user of all of them. From now on be careful, because it can cause your eyes unhealthy.

You know what; screen time is the main cause of your eyes being unhealthy. When you look at the screen, you will focus look at it and you do not blink for quite a long time. That is what makes your eyes sore. Not to mention the light from the screen. The blue light from the screen can also damage your eyes.

If you are doing an activity that requires you to stare at a screen, it is good to take a few moments to rest your eyes. It is an effort to maintain the health of your eyes. If you can reduce screen time, please do it, because it is a very good effort to take care of your eyes.

Staring at the screen too close

When you stare at the screen, how much distance do you need? 15 inches, 10 inches, or even 7 inches? That is bad. This is one of the causes of your eyes becoming unhealthy. Ashley Marcin (2017), a health writer, stated that we have to use the 20-20-20 rule. The distance between your eyes and the screen is 20 inches. 20 minutes for screen time. You have to look away from the screen for 20 seconds. She says that it can prevent eye strain.

Staring at the screen too closely is not recommended. It can make your eyes damaged quickly. Keep the distance between the screen and your eyes as much as you can. When you stare at the screen, your eyes won’t be sore. Please pay attention to that.

Not wearing anti-radiation glasses

Actually, this is a thing that people are rarely aware of it. For your information, anti-radiation glasses are used as a barrier between the screen and your eyes. The purpose is that everything from screens that can damage your eyes and make your eyes become unhealthy can be blocked by these glasses. Besides that, so you do not look directly at the screen. This is also one of the causes of your eyes becoming unhealthy.

If you have never used these glasses, feel free to wear them, because it is a very simple attempt to keep your eyes healthy. Do not think that wearing glasses is only for people with eye problems. You are also allowed to wear glasses with the aim of preventing not treating or keeping eye problems from getting worse.

Not doing eyes exercise

This is also another thing that people rarely do it. For your information, doing eye exercises is important, especially for you that always use screens in your activities. The purpose of doing eyes exercise is to make your eyes relax, your eyeball movements become lighter and fresher.

Basically, the eye exercise is really simple. Take your eyes off the screen to something else. If possible, it would be best to look at something soothing to the eye, such as trees or plants. Move your eyes up and down while counting. Then, move your eyes to the left and right. After that, slowly rotate your eyes 360°. When you change the movement to another, you can interrupt it by closing your eyes for a moment.

Check out the following easy eye exercise steps.

Easy Eye Exercise Steps

It is easy, right? It won’t take you a long time to do it. At least, you take your eyes off on something, not on the screen all time. Happy trying, hopefully useful.

Not eating fruits that are good for eye health

What fruits and vegetables are good for our eyes? They are tomato, carrot, avocado, papaya, and many more. The fruits and vegetables are easy to find. You can buy them at fruits store, traditional markets, and supermarkets. So, there is no reason for you to not eat the fruits that are good for your eyes.

Actually, you can choose one of the fruits or vegetables that probably you like the most. I am sure that there is at least one of them that you can eat. There is no reason for you to say that you do not like all that fruits and vegetables. Please eat that fruits or vegetarian for your eye health.

To outsmart you who do not like to eat those fruits and vegetables, you might be able to process them into a juice. For example, tomato juice, carrot juice, and so on. It looks good, right? Maybe you can add it with honey, chocolate condensed milk, and whatever it is your favorite or that can make you want to drink that juice. It is up to you. You can make it yummier.

Those are the causes of your eyes becoming unhealthy. Are you the one who did all things that I explained above? If yes, please change your habit before you become a sufferer of eye health problems. It is not that hard to aware of your eye health. The thing that is hard is to change your habit. All things above have become your habit. So, I am sure that it is hard for you to change it.

For your information, having problems with eye health is very uncomfortable. I am one of those who have an eye problem. So, I have had problems with my eyes since I was a baby. When now I am faced with the screen, my eyes immediately will get hurt. It is a very uncomfortable situation. Trust me. A thing that will happen to you if you are not taking care of your eyes is myopic. That is a common disease that many people experience. Eye disease can make it difficult for you to see things that are far or near. So, you have to squint to see something. I am sure that you do not want to experience that. So, please get rid of the causes that can make your eyes unhealthy.

In addition, you can also do this to make your eye healthy. It is open your eyes inside the water. That is a way to take care of your eyes outside. The impact is your eyes become fresher and get rid of tired eyes. Besides that, you can also do a cucumber mask on your eyes. The first thing that you should do is to cut the cucumber into thin circles. After that, put a slice of cucumber in your eyes. Let’s stand it for about 15 minutes. The result is the same as when you open your eyes inside the water. Your eyes become fresher. Please, try it because it is really refreshing for your eyes.

In conclusion, you have to take care of your eyes. As I explained above, the screen is the main cause of your eyes becoming unhealthy. Also, there are 5 main causes of the screen that can cause your eyes to become unhealthy. Considering you use your screen every day even every time. That is a bad habit. We are in the pandemic now. All activities are moved online, which is using a screen. Looking at the situation now, you have to really aware of your eye health.

Taking care of the eye is easy. You do not have to do a particular treatment that will take a long time. One thing that you have to do is change your habit when you are with your screen. You cannot reduce your screen time because of your important activity that is okay that is your business. However, please take your time for only 5 minutes to make your eyes relax. For your information, you have a problem with your eyes is because the veins in your eyes tighten when you stare at the screen.

So, please take care of your eyes because it is for your health in the future. If you damage it now, so what will happen in your future? You take care of it now for your health in the future. Once again remember, the eyes are one of the body parts that you also have to take care of it.


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