December 3, 2022

Need “me time”? Here’s 3 Best Skin Aesthetic Clinics in Bandung That Affordable for your Treatment!

Hi Bandung people! Have you ever looked at your face in the mirror and realised how dull your skin is? You are exposed to sunlight, dust, and pollution every day, you realise it all because of your busyness at campus or office. Your busy life causes you not to pay attention to your facial skin condition. You might want to have a treatment but have no energy for self–treatment or going to skin aesthetic clinic.

Look again at the mirror. Have you already taken the skincare routine, but your skin problem is not getting better? You already watch all skin hacks at YouTube beauty vlogger but then again, your skin still not getting better like them? 

Of course, you need a doctor to solve your problem. Go to aesthetic skin clinics, and tell all of your skin problems to the dermatologist, because a beauty vlogger is not a doctor. Besides the dermatologist will overcome your skin problem, they will also recommend you have a treatment to make your skin get better.

Here I recommend you three best skin aesthetic clinics in Bandung for your treatment!

1. ZAP Clinic

Who doesn’t know ZAP Clinic? ZAP is well-known for its hair removal treatment. Established in 2009, ZAP always develops its treatments. Do you know that ZAP also has face treatments in their clinics besides hair removal treatment? 

Yes! ZAP has two popular facial treatment packages! Their best popular are Photo Facial Acne and Photo Facial Glow as their signature treatment.

Photo Facial Acne consists of Laser Toning Acne, IPL Rejuvenation, Chemical Peeling Acne, and Oxy Infusion. These treatments can kill the bacteria that cause acne, overcome oily skin problems, reduce the production of excess oil glands, prevent acne and inflammation, and excess redness on the skin. The price of this treatment is Rp. 1.196.000.

Meanwhile, Photo Facial Glow consists of Laser Toning, Alma Beauty Rejuve, and Oxy Infusion. This treatment can make your skin looks naturally glowing, even out facial skin tone, stimulate collagen regeneration, shrink pores and tighten the face, and helps facial skin to be firmer. The price of this treatment is Rp. 997.000.

However, if you only want one single treatment, it can! ZAP provides 199K series as IPL Rejuvenation, Active Acne Laser, and Oxy Infusion. Then 499K series as Alma Beauty Rejuve, Diamond Peel, Chemical Peeling Acne, Chemical Peeling Glow, Laster Toning, and Neck Photo Facial. 

It is also really affordable if you want to take one single treatment because it gives real effects after you take this treatment. I have experienced IPL Rejuvenation, and it made my skin more glowing, excess redness, and of course, not as inflamed as before. You must try this at least once in your life! I guarantee you will be back again for more.

There’s a unique fact about photo facial, which is the gym for your skin. This treatment is done directly by the ZAP doctor, causes minimal pain and is safe to do regularly in the long term to make the skin in a healthy and prime condition.

With their advanced technology, ZAP is different from conventional facial that causes irritation to your skin. Usually, at conventional facial treatment, the beautician will squeeze your pimple, which is strictly prohibited because it will cause irritation with a large pockmark. 

If you want to come to ZAP Clinic, you can make an appointment at first with the receptionist. After you got the schedule, you will have a consultation time with the doctor first. They will analyse your skin and recommend which treatment is best for your skin. You also can adjust the treatment package based on your budget, just ask your doctor, and they will give you the best treatment. 

The Ambience

Now, let’s continue to the ambience there, when we open the door ZAP Clinic has a luxurious interior in the lobby.

An Instagrammable luxurious lobby that will make you be content.

Next, go further into the treatment room, ZAP Clinic has a very comfortable treatment room. You can see it, there is a very sophisticated ZAP treatment machine

The room is so comfortable and private.

After that, in the front of the treatment room, there is a dressing table along with hanger rack. It’s exhaustive and very comfortable, isn’t it?

This is me doing the mirror selfie!

For the ZAP Clinic location, there are many branches across Indonesia. There are four branches in Bandung. The first one is in Anggrek Street No. 24, the second one is in Trans Studio Mall 1st Floor Unit A112, the third one is in Paris Van Java Mall 3rd Floor Unit No. L3-02, and the last one that will open in June is in Paskal Hyper Square Complex Block C No. 21. Psstt… the doctor consultation is free!

Check out this link to get the full pricelist of ZAP Clinic!

2. Dermies Clinic

Have you ever been stuck at a traffic light and seen a big yellow banner demonstrating skin? You must be sawed Dermies ads! 

Dermies has a fresh-youth-teenage concept that could attract young people. It also drew my attention when I saw the compelling banner in my high-school era. When I went there, it fulfilled my expectation. The clinic design is very sophisticated and has a modern self-service concept!

There are three steps of self-services. First, it starts from the registration as when you get there, you are welcome by the front office to fill the form registration on the computer. 

Then, the front office will give you the wipes to clean your face and take you to the mirror room as the second step of self-service. After cleaning your face, you have to take a photo in the photo box corner beside the mirror room as the third self-service step. It is very simple, like we usually take a photo box. When everything is done, we have to wait in the waiting room to get the treatment done by the doctor and nurse.

The Programs

In Dermies, there clinical program for the treatment packages. It is a personalised skin program that consists of skincare series or a combination of treatments based on the result of skin analyse by the doctor. You can choose the treatments that depend on your skin needs.

This clinical program has two programs. The first one is acne clinical program that focuses on acne and the scar. It has nine programs that consist of:

  1. BreakUp with Acne 
  2. Bye Bye Comedo 
  3. No More Stressful 
  4. MakeUp BreakOut 
  5. PMS Acne Remedy 
  6. Clear Maskne 
  7. Back Acne 
  8. Blemish Go Away 
  9. Buh Bye Scar 

Meanwhile, the second one is brightening clinical programs that focus on dull skin and make the skin look glowing. The treatment consists of:

  1. Ready.Set.Glow! 
  2. Detox Glow 
  3. K-Glass Skin 

For doing the treatment itself,  Dermies provide you with the three plans:

  • Product Plan (starts from Rp. 269.000 for acne and Rp. 306.000 for brightening)

You will get Doctor Consultation + Skincare product series

  • Basic Plan (starts from Rp. 364.000 for acne and Rp. 400.000 for brightening)

You will get Doctor Consultation + Skincare product series + one-time treatment 

  • Advance Plan (starts from Rp. 474.000 for acne and Rp. 509.000 for brightening)

You will get Doctor Consultation + Skincare product series + more than a one-time treatment 

After you choose the plan, you will get a membership card like this 

Look at the membership card, it is so cute, isn’t it?

Dermies already has two branches in Bandung. The first is on Festival Citylink Mall Ground Floor (GF) at Peta Street No. 241, and the second is in Pasir Street No. 267 A Sukajadi.

3. Lineation Clinic

Lineation is an aesthetic and health care place with the most complete beauty and health clinic in West Java. Lineation has the status of the main clinic with superior services in the field of beauty (aesthetics). The services on Lineation are a clinic, skin care, pharmacy, lab and salon.

Before it changed to Lineation Clinic, this clinic was well-known as DF Clinic that established in 2007 with dr. David Budi Wartono., FAAR. ABAARM cert. AAAM cert. as the owner and the best dermatologist here. 

dr. David is an expert in dermatologists, so when we already consult our problem with him, he knows what actually become the main reason for our skin problem. People who have acne problems will mostly get detection as they have food allergies. Of course, different people, different allergies. 

In 2017, I have ever consulted my skin problem with dr. David. It didn’t take so long for him to analyse my skin that I had food allergies. However, I had to go to Prodia Lab to draw blood to have the data on what I am allergic to. To check food allergies at the lab, it cost around Rp. 6.000.000 at that time. 

Here’s me with the data on my food allergies that causes acne on my skin. 

As far as I go to many aesthetical clinics, dr. David is the best dermatologist. For the consultation, we must pay Rp. 100.000. Even though it is not free, it is worth the cost.

Next, lineation has its signature facial treatment to maintain healthy skin, remove dead skin cells and remove blackheads and acne. That facial treatment costs from Rp. 285.000 – Rp. 815.000. There is also a facial package that consists of facial, diamod pee;, and lineation lonthoporesis that costs Rp.  821.250. This clinic also has its best treatment which is Lineation Scarfree for Rp. 2.062.500 and Lineation Acnecure for Rp. 1.718.000.

Besides that, Lineation also has treatment for pigment. Some of them are Lineation Whitening Luster, a treatment with vitamin C injection that cost Rp. 4.125.000, and Lineation Glow Injection that functions to moisturizes= and repair the skin with Salmon Fish DNA polynucleotides will make the skin glowing.

Lineation only has one clinic in Lemah Nendeut Street No. 10.

If you want to check the complete pricelist in Lineation, click here.

So after you know the three best aesthetic clinics, which one would you be in? What are you waiting for? Come on choose the clinic and pamper your skin with the “me time” time!

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