December 3, 2022

Knowledge Sharing about Foundation Makeup!

Hello there! Are you the one who wants to know more about makeup? If you are, welcome!

You will be introduced to one of the makeup tools. Yes! Foundation makeup!

Foundation makeup is a product that will create a base for your makeup. Not only act as a base, but foundation makeup can also cover some blemishes on the face. It is just like creating a blank canvas before you make art!

Here you will get to know where the foundation makeup came from in the world history and in the writer’s country history. You also will get some tips to apply your foundations and makeup.

The History of Foundations in the World

According to Dailysia, foundation makeup has been used since the era of Ancient Egypt and Greece. In this era, one of the beauty standards is to have bright and white skin. It was a shame that the materials (lead ash) at that time were harmful to the skin.

Elizabeth I of England is also reported to use lead ash and vinegar to cover the smallpox scars on her face as well as make her have a smooth complexion. Beauty is a pain, tight?

As reported by National Geography, the use of materials such as lead, lime, and vinegar can result in dangerous poisoning. The impact of it can be in the form of decaying teeth, hair loss, and death. Cases of death due to the use of foundations containing harmful materials also happened a lot in the 17th century. It was all for the sake of beauty.

Then Carl Baudin, an opera actor from German, used a mix of Zinc Oxide, Glycerin, and Vermilion as his foundation makeup in the late 18th century. Carl mass-produced this foundation and marked the born of theatrical makeup. Finally, in the 19th century, safer materials were founded. They are Zinc Oxide, Glycerin and Calamine lotion. This foundation comes in two colours: yellow and pink.

In 1914, Max Factor created a makeup product named Pan-Cake. It is a foundation makeup that could create a natural finish on the skin for a stage show. Then this solid product moved from the stage show usage to the daily life usage. It causes the product to be mass-produced. Then Max invented a variation of Pan-Cake named two-way cake foundation, which is a 2 in 1 powder in 1937. This product could hold oil on the face and make the makeup last long. Not only that, but the product also came with an easy application using a wet sponge. Pan-Cake becomes a popular foundation and a hero for the unstable economy in America due to its successful sale.

Foundation makeup can also come in the form of liquid. It became an alternative to make the leg have a smooth complexion rather than using uncomfortable stockings for it in 1940. Of course, this foundation is also applicable for skin faces with the same benefit.

Then in 1953, a liquid foundation was launched by Coty brand born with the name Instant Beauty. This foundation makeup has a soft texture, is lightweight, and came in six colours. After Instant beauty was born, many brands followed its footsteps by releasing liquid foundations. The brands that produced liquid foundation at that time are Revlon, Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein. Liquid foundations dominated the market and began to be used by women every day.

According to Twinystory, Bobi Brown launched a foundation makeup with a shape that resembles a lipstick. It can be known as a stick-shaped foundation. The foundation stick came with a yellow base colour, after previously launching a warm and pink coloured. The colour variation of skin tones in makeup can be known as shades. In the past, white and bright skin is considered the standard of beautiful skin. This caused the variation in shades tended to be light or reddish to lighten the pale skin.

As time develops, the foundation comes in very diverse forms following the function and comfortability of the wearer. Solid foundations are still available, and even Max Factor foundation can still be found in European cosmetic stores. Pan-Cake is reportedly still produced due to its practical and easy usage. Apart from appearing in solid, liquid, and stick forms, foundation makeup also appear in the form of cushions and airbrushes.

The History of Foundation Makeup Development in Indonesia

Since the writer originated from Indonesia, the writer also wanted to share how the foundation is developed there.

Foundation began to develop in Indonesia in the 1900s under the brand named Kelly. The foundation that is launched by Kelly came with the name Kelly Pearl Cream. The product is produced in Thailand and become popular in Indonesia since the 1970s. According to Beautynesia, Kelly Pearl Cream has a soft and creamy texture. The cream gives an olive colour when it gets applied on hand. However, the colour will adjust to your skin tone when you spread it to your face.

There was a rumour that the product contained mercury due to its ability in brightening the face within a short time. Recently, a beauty specialist, dr. Richard Lee, MARS PhD, Dipl. AAAM admitted that he had researched Kelly’s products. As a result, no harmful substances such as hydroquinone and mercury were found. Kelly also has an official license from the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control and is still legally marketed today.

Currently, the foundation makeup under Indonesian brands is not inferior to the well-known brands aboard. The foundation makeup is increasingly adjusting to the type and colour of skin in Indonesia which is generally brown to brownish.

Indonesia has several proud local brands that have foundations of the best quality reported by MyBestId. There is a Wardah brand which carries the theme of halal makeup. Then there is Bless which is friendly for sensitive skin. After that, there is a Make Over brand whose quality is equivalent to contemporary makeup. Finally, there is Mineral Botanica which uses natural ingredients that are claimed to not harm humans and the environment in the manufacture of its products.

The Development of The Functions in Foundation Makeup

At this time, the right choice of foundation shades has become one of the important requirements for applying makeup. This is done to create more natural and light makeup results. Foundation makeup is not only used as a base but also as an ingredient to make the makeup last longer.

The most searched function of foundation makeup in tropical climate countries is the function to hold oil on the face and can disguise blemishes on the face. The effect that can cover up blemishes is known as coverage.

According to Best Present Guide, the use of foundation liquid on skin types is divided into two. The first one is an oil-based foundation and the second one is a water-based foundation.

The oil-based foundation is used for oily and normal skin. This type of liquid foundation came in a lighter form. Several of them contained SPF to protect skin from the sun’s heat.

Meanwhile, the water-based foundation is useful to protect the makeup from cracked. It is because this type of liquid foundation belongs to the dry skin that often makes the makeup gets cracked. A water-based foundation is also can be used to disguise acne without clogging the pores. Making the skin can still breathe normally.

How to Apply Foundation with Your Makeup

From various sources, there are certain steps in the use of foundation.

1. Choose The Right Cosmetics Product

It is important to choose the right cosmetics product that is suitable for the type of your skin. Because no matter how good the product is, it will not work well if the material is not following the skin’s type. For example, if you use a water-based foundation for oily skin, the makeup will fade easily. It can also damage the skin and make the skin oily.

2. Make Sure your Face is Ready for Makeup

You need to clean your face with a face wash that you usually used. Rinse your face then dry it by patting it using a soft towel. You can then use toner if you want to clean the dirt that is not washed when you wash your face.

3. Apply a Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a cream that is used to make your skin moist. You must use it following your skin needs. You should not apply too much moisturizer to oily skin. It is because the moisturizer will take a longer time to get absorbed by the skin. This can cause the skin to get oily. It is the same for dry skin. You will still get dry skin if you did not apply enough moisturizer.

Remember, using a moisturizer is important to keep your skin healthy!

4. Make Sure again What Foundation You Need

Choose a foundation according to the level of coverage that is tailored to the needs of the skin. Foundation can also be adjusted to the results of the makeup you want, such as natural or theatrical makeup.

For everyday use, foundations are generally chosen with natural results but can cover facial blemishes perfectly. If you want to get natural makeup results, you can choose to use foundation makeup in a liquid form.

5. Apply The Foundation Makeup

Apply the foundation makeup using a sponge, beauty blender, or your fingers to blend the foundation. In general, the use of a sponge or a beauty blender is to avoid cakey makeup or looks solid and easily cracked makeup.

The tip is to wet a sponge or beauty blender with water or face mist. Then pour enough foundation on your hands. After that, pat the sponge or beauty blender on the liquid foundation. Then spread it by tapping the sponge or the beauty blender on your face gently and thinly.

After that, wait until the foundation makeup absorbs evenly. The nose, the corners of the lips and the eye area need to be carefully aligned. It is because they often bend when you express something with your face. It is recommended that you use a sponge or beauty blender media with a pointed tip on the crack-prone areas.

6. Apply a Concealer

After using the foundation makeup, then use concealer to cover the flaws of the face (like scars or acne scars). Concealer is generally used for facial redness and eye bags.

Another tip is to use a corrector mixed with concealer to make a better match with your skin tone. After applying concealer to the areas needed, let it absorb for 1 to 2 minutes. Then blend it with a beauty blender or sponge.

7. Do Your Favorable Makeup

Then from there, you can do the makeup that you want or need. For example, you can lock the makeup by using loose powder or using eye makeup and contouring the face first. Then you can continue to do your makeup until lip makeup.

8. Don’t Forget to Use Setting Spray

This step is done to lock the makeup so it doesn’t fade easily due to certain movements on your face.

That ends our knowledge sharing about the foundation. It will add to our knowledge about makeup! Apart from knowing how to use it properly, we also understand where it comes from, and how it was developed for thousands of years. Let’s use makeup properly to stay beautiful and keep our skin healthy.

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