December 2, 2022

Kill Your Time with Binge Watching, these 7 Serious Problems Can Haunt Your Health

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Watching drama series or movies is the choice of many people when they have to spend time at home. When weekends or holidays you are too lazy to go out of the house, binge-watching is always a great choice to spend time. But do you know what watching continuously or commonly called binge-watching?

Binge-watching is a phenomenon that is quite widespread nowadays. Many people enjoy this watching activity since it is a convenient and easy alternative to watching movies or drama series on streaming platforms and apps like Netflix, VIU, WeTV, Vidio, and others.

Indeed Watching is something that is easy to do but something in excess is not good. According to its meaning, Binge-watching is watching a marathon, aka watching continuously, which can make it difficult for us to control time.

Besides making it difficult for you to control your time, binge-watching also harms your health. These are some of the severe problems that can haunt your health.

Decreased visual function

Playing phone illustration

Problems in eye health are no longer a strange thing or rarely found in this technological era. Based on App Annie’s latest report, a Q3 research result states that Indonesians can spend an average of 5.5 hours a day just playing with their phones.

Reported from, playing mobile phones for too long has a bad impact on eye health. Among them are short-sightedness, dry eyes, or eye fatigue that causes the eyes to lose focus.

Short-sightedness is when the eye cannot focus light on the retina of the eye. As a result, objects far away, such as traffic signs or nameplates, will be challenging to view.

Usually, short-sightedness does not occur immediately but gradually. So many people do not know when they experience a decrease in their visual function.

Then, there are also dry eyes caused by constantly looking at the phone for a long time. Dry eyes are caused by a lack of blinking, which functions as a channel for water to flow into the eye to maintain the eye’s moisture. Meanwhile, when playing with phones, our eyes will rarely blink because they are too focused on the cellphone.

Therefore, the use of phones for binge-watching that takes a long time can trigger eye damage so that the eyes experience a decrease in function.

Lack of sleep

When you watch a movie or drama series that may have many episodes, you will be willing to spend your time, even your sleep, to spend all the episodes at one time. That’s what we call binge-watching. Poor sleep quality is only the beginning of the harmful effects of binge-watching on health.

In a study published by Clinical Sleep Medicine, it is said that an exciting brain will find it more difficult to fall asleep. What this means is that when you watch a movie or a drama series before going to bed, you will feel more thrilled, and your brain will constantly think about it. So even though you are asleep, your brain will still work.

Then the lack of sleep that you get from binge-watching will trigger other health effects. Among them are insomnia and persistent headaches. Insomnia, or trouble falling asleep, is a side consequence of the brain’s habit of working even while sleeping. While a lack of sleep causes headaches, the body will produce a lot of protein. Which protein is the main trigger for headaches.

Back and body aches

Back and body aches illustration

When watching, we usually change positions, from sitting to lying down. You feel the change of position because you are pretty tired and need to find a comfortable position to watch. Binge-watching takes a long time, so when your body doesn’t move much for a long time, you will start to feel your body stiffen.

For example, you watch in a sitting position while placing your phone or laptop on a lower pillow than your head, so you need to look down a little. Another example is when you watch on your stomach or while lying down. Even if you change, all of these positions will still make your body tired because whatever the position, if you do it for a long time, the results will still be the same.

Why does sitting for long periods make your back hurt? Your back hurting is because sitting or lying down for a long time can provide a fairly heavy workload for the back. Sitting for a long time and done continuously can also cause abnormalities in body posture. So don’t be surprised when binge-watching that takes a long time can cause back pain. The pain in the back and the whole body because of the body’s lack of movement will make it feel stiffer.

Messy eating pattern

Eating illustration

The reason is still the same binge-watching makes you forget the time, and without realizing it, you will miss the right time to eat. As reported by, a researcher from the University of Michigan, United States, said binge-watching habits motivate a person to consume unhealthy foods such as eating at night or lying down.

When you are watching a Korean drama series or other movies at night, you see one of the scenes in the drama where a person becomes hungry at night, and finally, he cooks instant noodles. As we know, eating at night is not healthy, let alone eating something high in preservatives at night, and then you will fall asleep after that. How many harmful effects will you get from such a destructive eating pattern?

Decreased organ health

In our body, many organs play a critical role in helping us carry out daily activities. Among them are the heart and liver, where these two organs, when we binge-watch, also get many harmful effects, the most after the eyes.

There is a big difference when you sit passively and actively. When you sit actively, you are still working or moving. While sitting passively, you sit still while enjoying binge-watching. When you sit passively, that harms heart and kidney health. Someone who sits for more than 4 hours every day, then do it continuously will be at risk of developing cardiovascular disease (one of the diseases that attack the heart).

Depression or social isolation

According to research by marketing site Backlinko, Netflix subscribers in 2020 will spend about 2-3 hours every day watching movies and drama series on Netflix. The time spent is standard time for everyone to spend their time watching. However, binge-watching lovers can spend up to 10-12 hours every day.

There are 24 hours in a day then for binge-watching lovers; they use the time to sleep and eat even while watching. When binge-watching happens during a productive day (such as at work or school), it is clear that people spend more time watching than socializing. If binge-watching is only done once in a while, it will be good, but binge-watching will impact social relations when the activity has become a habit.

When you enjoy spending more time in front of the phone, it will cause anxiety disorders when meeting other people. So, not a few binge-watching lovers like to lock themselves in their rooms. It will also lead to loneliness and depression because they are too immersed in the movies or drama series they watch.

Decreased brain function

According to one of the research findings published by the English Longitudinal Study of Aging, people’s verbal memory capacity decreases by 8-10% when they watch for more than 3.5 hours per day.

The things that cause decreased brain function, among others, are also due to watching the brain use more time to work. So when binge-watching is continuous doing until it becomes a habit, it will significantly impact brain function.

So, why people addicted to binge-watching

As reported by NBC News, clinical Renee Carr, Psy. D states that the body will produce dopamine when watching a drama series with many episodes. Dopamine is an addictive chemical. When the body feels excited, the body will automatically produce dopamine.

Therefore, when a person watches his favorite series, his body will respond by producing dopamine, and the body finally feels a feeling of ‘drunk’ or ‘addiction’ when trying drugs. Carr also briefly said that feeling ‘addiction’ is a natural process that is natural for binge-watching lovers because the body cannot distinguish the type of pleasure it gets.

Then, how to get rid of binge watching habits?

Almost all habits are challenging to break, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and binge-watching. It is undeniably challenging to break the habit of watching continuously. Every lousy habit can still be broken, but every habit needs a consistent process. Maybe uch as dividing watching time into two episodes every day.

Then if you want to eat while watching, try to eat healthy foods such as fruits or low-sugar foods. Avoid eating heavy meals at night and avoid eating while lying down.

Finally, try to watch while moving like while exercising. For example, do physical activity while watching to reduce the negative impact of binge-watching.

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