December 1, 2022

How to Deal with Burnout: Potent Tips You Can Try

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Have you ever been at the point of feeling demotivated? Then you doubt your own abilities so that you lose energy for work, feel stressed, and even feel physically and emotionally tired. If you experience some of the characteristics above, you may be suffering from burnout syndrome. In this article, I will share potent tips on how to deal with burnout that you can try.

I’m sure most of you have heard of or even know what burnout is. However, to make it clearer, let’s briefly review the meaning of burnout.

What Is Burnout?

According to HelpGuide (2021), burnout is a condition in which you feel exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you are overloaded, emotionally exhausted, and unable to meet the incessant expectations.

C. Maslach, an American psychiatrist, came up with the term in 1975. Maslach defined burnout as a syndrome characterized by changes in workers’ emotional and physical behavior. It is more common in employees that provide humanitarian services, such as police officers, teachers, and hospital nurses.

Nowadays, this condition can be experienced by anyone, not only workers. A housewife who does all kinds of activities at home can experience burnout. Another example that we can find is school or college students. Many students also often feel stressed and even burnout. This usually occurs due to excessive activity, such as doing too many tasks at once. In addition, some of the students also have projects from school or college organizations that make them even more tired.

What Causes Someone to Experience Burnout?

when you experience burnout

Although the main factor for burnout is excessive fatigue, did you know that there are several specific factors that cause a person to experience burnout? Let’s find out!

1. Overwork

Working nonstop without a break must be exhausting, right? On the one hand, working is a good thing. However, doing so in excess will result in burnout. As far as I know, overwork is frequently caused by a person’s habit of piling work. Work that is completed all at once with no breaks is also inefficient. You will be exhausted, and yet your work will be poor.

2. Taking on too many responsibilities

Every human being has limitations when it comes to doing something. Time, energy, and thoughts cannot be compelled to work indefinite period. If you have an excessive workload, you are more likely to experience burnout.

You must be able to prioritize your workload. Make the assumption you are an employee. You don’t need to take on another job if you already have a busy schedule as well as a backlog of work. You must be able to refuse. Do not always complete all of the tasks assigned to you. It will only burden you.

3. Lack of sleep

Still related to overwork, lack of sleep is one of the causes of burnout. Overworkers frequently do not understand the concept of time. They are capable of working all day. As a result, they frequently sleep late at night with little time. Their immune system is out of whack. In the end, they were physically and mentally exhausted. A study backs up this claim. The researcher have found a causal link between sleep deprivation and fatigue. The researchers discovered that “too little sleep” (less than 6 hours of sleep a night) was the primary predictor of clinical burnout.

4. Unstable emotions

Have you ever experienced emotional instability? Feel depressed, tired, and frustrated. These indicators may cause you to become more sensitive. Unstable emotions can also arise as a result of burnout. Because you are physically and mentally exhausted, your mood gets worse over time. External factors can also cause this. Not everyone you interact with can provide you with positive energy.

Therefore, you can try to avoid contact with people who you believe have negative energy. Spending time with them will only make your mood and viewpoint worse.

Some Tips on How You Can Deal with Burnout

1. Realize that you are tired and need to rest

The first thing to do is that you have to realize that you are tired. You have to accept that you are experience burnout. It is usually a bit difficult to understand our own desires. When we are experiencing burnout, we must know what we need. However, sometimes we feel a dilemma. We are confused whether to comply with our weary physical need to rest or to keep up with our responsibility at work. However, I think it would be better if try to have a rest. Just leave all of your works for a moment.

2. Take steps to take a break

After slowly realizing that you experience burnout, you must take the next step. Please, have a rest. It is absolutely okay to take a break. Everyone has their own limits. If you feel too tired, do not force it. Your body and mind need good rest.

Only you can know your maximum limit. You are the only one who should care about your condition. It is okay to temporarily step away from an environment that requires you to constantly work. When you have recovered, you will feel better and work optimally.

3. Try various relaxing things

When we feel stressed, our bodies will automatically become weak. All you have to do to make it better is to exercise. Exercise will make our bodies and minds healthy and fit. Blood flow to the brain will become smoother so that it can make you relax.

If you do not want strenuous physical exercise, you can try an alternative solution by doing meditation. Meditation is also powerful enough to calm the mind. The benefits of meditation can be felt both physically and mentally. As far as I know, meditation can also sharpen brain function.

Want to do something more fun but still relaxing? You can try listening to classical music which only contains instruments. This method is also powerful enough to improve your emotional state.

4. Take an outdoor vacation

When we are experiencing stress or burnout, we need something to heal. So, I think going on vacation is a fun choice to do. Actually, you can vacation indoors or outdoors. However, if you take an outdoor vacation, it would be more exciting. You will get many benefits. For example, you go on vacation to a beach. It feels satisfied to be able to see the wide sea view. Then, you can hear the sounds of nature and the waves. With an outdoor vacation, you will feel alive again. Negative energies that exist within you can also evaporate. Let’s try!

5. Socialize

Try to reach out to the people closest to you, such as family and friends. Get rid of the things that make you bored and tired for a while. You can use your time to gather with family. Besides, you can also choose to spend time with your friends. Thus, you will get back the positive energy.

We are social creatures who live side by side with other people. One day, you and your friends or relatives will definitely need each other. Therefore, you must build a valuable and friendly relationship with them.

Moreover, try to be open and tell your complaints. You don’t need to feel you will be a burden to them. I guarantee you will feel more relieved.

6. Doing hobbies

Hobby is an activity that can make someone relieve stress. The feeling of happiness and enjoyment that someone feels when doing a hobby will trigger the happy hormone to come out. When you are in the recovery stage, do the hobbies you have.

However, it would be better if you do a hobby that is easy and not too extreme. For example, as simple as reading a novel or keeping a daily journal will also help your body and mind relax. You can also try gardening so you can breathe fresh air outside your home. Anything you want, you can just match it to your pleasure.

7. Prepare yourself for back to work

Do you feel better? Once you have had enough of doing things to restore burnout, you should be ready to get back to your activities or work. But please take a note! In order not to experience the same thing, you need to pay more attention to your working time. Don’t let your work weigh you down. In addition, you can try evaluating the way you work. You must reorganize your schedule and adjust it to the available time.

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Those are the tips I have for you. I hope you can put it to use. Then I would like to remind you that you should love yourself more. Anything in excess is bad. So, do not ignore your health.


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