December 3, 2022

Five most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries globally because there are so many beautiful islands, nature, and beautiful views. In addition, many destinations can be visited by tourists who have plans to make a holiday.
Indonesia has many of the best places for tourists destination to come in and can be such a great memory that is always remembered. Indonesia is a famous destination for many people to enjoy a holiday with family, friends, and couples. It is because many offers to travel to find out what a beautiful view of the places.
As we know, many people visit Indonesia to go on holiday every season. If we mention them one by one, many places in Indonesia could be the best places in the world because Indonesia is the most popular country with a thousand islands. Each city has different characteristics, and it is the reason travel is significantly exciting to have a plan for a holiday in Indonesia. So, here are five of the most beautiful and favorite tourists destinations in Indonesia:
1. Bali
Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, and I guess that many people have known this island. Many tourists which exciting to come to Bali as a holiday destination. This island is appropriate for the people who are still confused about determining a destination for a vacation.
This island offers many facilities and tourist attractions, making tourists more interested in having a planned holiday in Bali. Bali is one of the top tourist destinations for a holiday place. On this island, many beaches have beautiful views and can be enjoyed by many people, especially tourists.
The first place that I suggest to you for some vacation is Kuta Beach, where we could be enjoyed a beach situation during the day while in the evening we can see a beautiful sunset. Additionally, at Kuta beach, many people are surfing the sea.
The second place in Bali is Ubud; this place is very appropriate for a tourist destination to see a beautiful view from a villa. Ubud is located among fields and forests, and it is becoming a destination to have a beautiful view from every side the visitors see.
Many places in Bali which is a suitable places for tourist destinations. It has different characteristics when we visit a different location in Bali. However, Bali is the favorite tourist destination to be created for holiday plans.
If you are more interested in this place, you can visit Bali anytime soon to make your holiday a more memorable experience. 

2. Papua Barat, Raja Ampat
Even though this place is located farthest away in each province in Indonesia but many people have a plan to make Raja Ampat as a holiday destination, especially for tourists.Based on a review, this place is a heaven in the world; it is because of the view is very beautiful and amazing to see.
As mentioned before, many people say that this city is a heaven in the world because the ocean is blue, which makes the island very different from other islands. As time goes by, this island has been providing a hotel for tourists or travelers to stay in.
Besides the view, Raja Ampat has been popular with the beauty of coral reefs. When the traveler or tourist attempts to diving, it will be looking at the beauty of nature on the sea, especially the beauty of coral reefs. 

3. Lombok
I guess that many people are familiar with this place, and also the tourist that has been the plan to holiday destinations in Indonesia. This place makes a tourist destination as a holiday plan. Many recommend beautiful nature and views, creating people who want to go to Lombok as vacation plans.
In Lombok, many beaches and islands that complete the holiday more enjoyable. Usually, the tourists go to Lombok after they go to Bali. Lombok is near Bali; 1 hour to take a plane. This place has offered many good facilities starting a hotel, culinary, and tourist attractions.
The first place that I recommend to you all is Gili Trawangan; this place is located in Lombok. This destination is very suitable for tourists who want to travel to Indonesia. Gili Trawangan offers many facilities to complete your holiday more fun. There are a lot of beaches.
If you are like diving, surfing, or just enjoying seeing the sea, this place is very comfortable to be a travel destination for tourists and locals. Even though the price is more pricey, the view in Gili is very worth it for the expensive rate. In Gili Trawangan, there are a lot of coral reefs, which is one of the things that makes people very happy when they are diving. So, what are you waiting for? Please prepare yourself to plan your destination in Gili Trawangan.
The second place that I recommend to you all is Komodo Island; if you are curious to see the Komodo dragon, you must be visit this island. It is because there are still a lot of Komodo dragons to be protected; even this animal is scarce, but on this island, we can still see the animal. This place is located on East Sumbawa Island, in Nusa Tenggara. A good decision to choose a Komodo National Park  as a bucket list of tourist attractions. It is because only in Komodo National Park you can see the Komodo dragon, which is rare; even many people say it is extinct.
The third-place that I recommend to you all is Pink Beach; it is located in Labuan Bajo. This beach is unique because the color of the air is pink. It is also the most favorite tourist destination to do their holiday. The way of accessing to go to Pink Beach (link anchor) is easy because many applications offering to be a tour guide. Like in Traveloka, Tiket.Com, or many more. Pink Beach will be a memorable destination and those who have decided to come to this place will never regret having chosen this place as a holiday destination.


4. Yogyakarta
This city is the one of the most favorite tourist destinations. It is because many tourist attractions make a people decide to choose this city as a travel destination. Yogyakarta is one of the best places with a lower price when we visit the city. In addition, many tourists choose this city as a holiday destination because this city is popular with friendly people.
As time went by, many places developed and were added to this city to be more of a holiday city. Yogyakarta  has been offering many facilities and services to provide anyone who wants to holiday in every season. They provide many hotels which do not require a traveler’s worries about finding out for a stay.
The most favorite place in Yogyakarta for tourists is Malioboro street; even though the site is very crowded but people are pleased and enjoy strolling around Malioboro street, especially a tourist which glad to walk around. Malioboro street is the one appropriate place for tourists. Not in a big city, many a nature in Yogyakarta that many people have seen. The tourist knew a Gunung Kidul was the best place in Yogyakarta. It is because their many of beaches and beautiful views in there. We need 30 minutes to go to Gunung Kidul from a city. Besides of that, the tourists like a Yogyakarta because it has many cultures and historical places. 

5. Bandung, Jawa Barat

This city is very popular with delicious food; they are called a culinary city. This place is also one of the favorite tourist destinations. Similar to Yogyakarta, Bandung has friendly people. Many beautiful views and city lights in Bandung when the sun uprises until the sunset.

Tourists have a good impression when coming to Bandung with new food. They always like the citizens to treat them as well. Any place has different characteristics, making a tourist curious about each site.

This city is an affordable price to travelers, but the facilities are good enough for people who have been on holiday in this place. Bandung is also a historical place that makes tourists interested in coming to Bandung.

Here are some favorite places in Bandung  that tourist often visits.
The first one is Braga Street. Braga Street is the one of favorite tourist destinations in Bandung; it is because located in the central and many tourists just walk around Braga street to take a picture or buy some snacks. Braga street is also near Museum KAA, which makes the tourist more curious about the history and cultures in Bandung. The second place is Dago. Dago is one of the favorite tourists; it is because they offer many beautiful views and city light to those who want to see the amazing view. Many places that make a travel destination in Bandung

So, those are the five most favorite tourists in Indonesia. Hopefully, this article will help you all that are still confused about choosing were destinations for your holiday. If you are still interested in Indonesia  please don’t hesitate to come to our country to see a many beautiful views and nature.

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