December 3, 2022

College boys and Dressing up

Are you a college boy who’s confused about how to dress up? Well, look no further, you’re in a good hand.

Because of the constraints imposed by most colleges, many students have been accustomed to studying from home as a result of this practice. Students in general, and particularly boys, see a shift in their dressing habits because of this since they pay less attention to how they dress at home. Following the adoption of offline lectures after the corona pandemic, many male students find it difficult to reconcile the way they dress, which they have become accustomed to doing as a result of offline lectures, with the current rules on their campus. But don’t worry, there are numerous dress combinations for men that are appropriate for usage on campus and that will ensure that you comply with the requirements while still looking stylish.

Color Scheme & Outfit Combinations

“The first thing to consider when creating a decent clothing combo is the color scheme. Because color draws the consumer’s attention, elicits an emotional response, and directs them to the product.” – Evelyn L Brannon, from the book Fashion Forecasting

A person’s attraction to a particular item of clothing is frequently based on the color of the item. As a result, colors must be considered to appear stylish.

Cool Style

Black and white is a color combination that is very common and can be applied with a black bomber jacket and a white T-shirt, as well as slim black jeans. As depicted in numerous western films, this combination gives the wearer the vibe of a bully. This outfit is ideal for those of you who wish to stand out in college, however, it should be noted that some campuses do not let students wear bombers.

Smart Casual Style

if your goal is to look like a smart person while still being comfortable, then the combination of a white shirt & lightweight knit jumper is for you. Buttons and collars that are not covered by jumpers create a smart impression that is suitable for college boys. Coupled with the use of this combination jumper, it is very suitable for going to campus. You will look trendy, and smart without compromising the rules of the campus regarding dress. In other words, It’s really hard to go wrong with this look.

Formal Style

Some guys might wish to be able to seem formal even in college, therefore the gentleman style may be fitting for them. Using a blazer is one of the features of dressing in a gentlemen’s manner, therefore you may be a bit creative in mixing a blazer with other clothing. A blazer is a sort of jacket that is similar to a suit jacket but is cut more informally. Blazers are the more formal day-to-day men’s jacket, being more formal than a sports coat but less fancy than a suit jacket. This useful and attractive jacket is a timeless classic in most men’s collections, suitable for daywear as well as evening wear. The nicest thing about blazers is arguably how simple they are to dress and wear. Wear a lighter or cotton beige or cream-colored blazer with a linen button-down shirt beneath during the warmer months for a traditional and dapper appearance. In the winter, layer other darker colors over thicker sweaters and pair it with Chelsea boots. Choose a pair of pants that enhances, rather than matches, the blazer. Wear your blazer with men’s jeans for a more casual approach, or a pair of slacks that complements the jacket for a more formal look. A gray blazer, for example, goes great with black jeans. Another example, you may pair a bright-colored blazer with a dark-colored t-shirt. This combination will give the boys the appearance of a professional, and if paired with slim fit jeans, the combo will retain its trendy appearance. You can play with it in the blazer and not have to be attached to the shirt; you can wear whatever you want as long as it fits. Another example is a jacket and turtleneck, which looks just as stylish as the last combo.

Denim Style

When it comes to denim, you can use them as the focal point of your outfit. Denim jackets go well with a variety of bottoms and shoes. You may wear a white shirt inside black long pants, and for shoes, you can mix and match sneakers or chelsea boots, and you’ll be set to go to college in no time. Aside from being stylish, denim fashion is also incredibly versatile due to its sturdy fabric features. This sturdy denim fabric is made possible by high-quality materials and a meticulous production process, allowing it to survive even when exposed to hard field activities. The thickness of the fabric also contributes to the strength of this type of fabric. Although denim fabric is quite strong, it is also extremely comfortable when used as clothes. There are several varieties of denim available that are flexible and easy to wear, and the thickness of this type of cloth is particularly excellent for usage in the winter.

Stylish and Warm

Those of you who emphasize warmth, especially during the cold season, can experiment with hoodies. The advantage of the hoodie lies in its very versatile headgear. A hoodie can warm your head, ears, and neck when the weather is very cold. When the weather is hot, we can also use a hoodie to protect our eyes and face from the glare of the sun. Hoodies are not just useful to keep the body warm; with the right combination, they can also produce a fashionable look while maintaining the hoodies’ primary function of keeping the body warm. You may dress up in an oversized hoodie. Apart from being appropriate for chilly weather, this outfit is ideal for those of you who wish to change your attire to a t-shirt since it can be doubled with a patterned or plain shirt inside. Furthermore, the hoodie is highly adaptable to mix and match with any bottoms; however, remember to pay attention to the color scheme to make a good impression; otherwise, you may freely combine the hoodie with any bottoms and shoes. Hoodies are also suitable for those of you who need privacy. When we don’t want to be disturbed or talked to, we may just wear a hoodie on our heads, and everyone around us will understand. Another benefit of the hoodie is the inclusion of a pocket on the side or in the center of the hoodie. Because of the existence of this pocket, we can always place our hands in it and feel warm. We may also put tiny goods in it such as smartphones, money, headphones, and so on. Another way to keep warm is to stack your clothes. The most common thing is to stack your clothes twice, such as using shirts and t-shirts in them. In the case of extreme weather, you can adapt a little and stack them three times. For example, you can use a t-shirt on the inside, a t-shirt on the outside, and on the outside, you can use a denim shirt or jacket to maintain a trendy impression.

Polo Style

Finally, for those of you who don’t want to complicate your appearance, a polo shirt is an option. Polo shirts go well with a wide range of other clothing pieces, including jeans, jackets, and outerwear, so you can be certain that polo may be worn to any event; this is one of the reasons why, if you are too lazy to select the appropriate clothing style to go to college, Polo is the way to go. This polo shirt’s fabric is distinct from plain shirts in general. As a result, the polo shirt allows the user to move more freely. It’s no surprise that many people wear it as a business work uniform. Another benefit of a polo shirt is that it can absorb perspiration. Polo shirts can be used for outdoor activities that require physical exercise. This t-shirt is appropriate for daily activities such as college in Indonesia’s hot heat.

Is it worth it to put an effort into dressing up?

Dressing up is very important to us, whether in public or on campus because the way we dress is one of the ways people judge us. Dressing professionally might help you make a good impression on individuals you encounter in public. This is especially critical for interviews or meetings with influential people. People’s first impressions of you can shape their long-term perceptions of you. Dressing professionally also assists you in projecting a positive, professional image of your organization, which in this context is your university, to others. Even if you wear a uniform or dress casually, making sure you look neat and put together can improve the reception you receive. Because of offline lectures after the epidemic, we men tend to forget the key things mentioned above regarding the necessity of clothing, thus it is critical that we recall and practice these vital things again, to be able to dress appropriately in public and in college while staying fashionable.

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