December 3, 2022

Beware, motorcyclists are at risk of hearing loss! Here are 7 tips to prevent that you should try

By Regina Laziani Zaela

Being a motorcycle rider is certainly not easy, there are many risks that need to be noticed.

The risk of being a motorcyclist turns out to be not only on safety, but also on health. Maybe you as motorcyclists often have trouble in listening to your friends talk while riding a motorbike. Thus leading to misunderstanding and miscommunication. You must have experienced hearing loss like this and maybe many of you just take it for granted. Also, you may think that this hearing loss is due to the large amount of noise emitted from various vehicles. Such as the sound of a modified motorcycle exhaust, a loud and startling horn sound, and a fire engine siren.

I’m sure many of you will agree that the use of helmets is important and mandatory for motorcyclists. In addition to maintaining safety, by using  helmets people will feel comfort. There is nothing wrong with the use of the helmet itself. However, since the helmet cannot muffle the sound perfectly so that it allows a gap for wind to enter and the friction cause vibrations that can enter our ears. Hearing loss will occure in the process of transformation of vibrations into a form that can be sent to the brain through the auditory nerve.

Regarding the helmet, which is a strategic area for wind flow to create noise, it has been researched for more than 20 years and has undergone several changes and improvements. Where this development is also in line with the emergence of various types of helmets from time to time which are also constantly changing. Although there are many advanced technologies that are able to make helmets with very good safety standards, the noise in this helmet still occurs. scientists like John Kennedy, understand that the noise in these helmets is dominated by aerodynamic sources. Starting here they began to conduct various measurements related to the level of noise that can occur in the helmet.

As reported by, Brasfield stated that if you receive loud sound vibrations for a long time with high intensity, you are more likely to experience hearing damage which will slowly kill hair cells. If the damage is left unchecked over time, it can lead to permanent hearing damage.

In addition, WHO added that it is estimated that in 2050 people with hearing loss will increase from 466 million people to more than 700 million people, where this disorder has the potential to cause deaf.

That’s a terrible statement, isn’t it? So this time we have to make an action in taking care of our ears.

Are you ready, motorcyclists, to get new knowledge?

7 tips to prevent hearing loss

These seven tips are very influential and most recommended in preventing hearing loss. They will also provide new insights regarding the existing noise levels.

  • Use ears plug when you ride a motorbike

Earplugs are the most recommended tool by experts because they are proven to be effective in dealing with and reducing loud noises. So as motorcyclist you should try to use ears plug when riding a motorbike. Perhaps you are wondering whether earplugs are safe for everyday use and how effective are earplugs in dealing with noise levels?

You don’t have to worry about that. Earplugs have many types that can make you comfortable using them. Such as silicone, wax, and foam. Each material has its own uniqueness and different capacities in reducing noise. Here are Best ear plugs for riding a motorbike (link).

  • Routinely clean the ears

Cleaning the ears is not just cleaning the earlobe as some people often do when they take a shower. It turns out that we also need to clean our ears to the inside part but only reached its safe limit. This sounds trivial but is often forgotten by most people.

In cleaning the ears we also need to make sure that the equipment we use is sterile. Considering that the ear is also one of the sensory organs in our body that is sensitive and needs special attention in cleaning it.

Here are two things you need to pay attention to if you want to clean your inner ear:

  1. Ask for help. Someone’s help is needed to get maximum and safe results. You can ask for help from family, neighbors, friends, and friends. If you do it yourself, you may be at high risk of getting cuts or getting an unclean finish. So don’t try it by yourself, unless you have a special tool that is safe to clean your ears independently.
  2. Do not use the tool carelessly.

Cleaning the ears is not like cleaning the dirt between the nails, which you can see and observe clearly. Ear cleaning requires the use of specialized tools such as the Ear Wax Removal Kit. This tool is best used two to three times a week

I don’t recommend you to use earplugs because the fact is that using earplugs can still leave residue behind.

  • Using a helmet according to national standard

In the current situation, Most people use helmets only as a formality and some others choose to use funny and trendy helmets. Though the quality of the helmet is very important to protect us from various types of accidents. The helmet used by the driver certainly has a big influence on hearing ability. So motorcyclist have to use a helmet with national standards that have been recommended by the government. In addition to maintaining safety, of course the quality of a standard helmet is at least able to reduce noise on the streets. There are three common types of helmets, such as full face, half face, and open face. Those kind are the most widely used by the public, and full face helmet has the ability to reduce noise quite well among the others.

  • Limit the use of headset

If you think a headset can be a substitute for reducing noise, then you are definitely wrong. Headset and earplugs are not the same. Using earplugs will certainly help you reduce the risk of hearing loss. However, if you use a headset to cover your ears from noises for a long time, it will only worsen your hearing. So we know that the headset cannot be used to reduce noise.

But you don’t have to be sad, you can still use your headset to listen to music while riding a motorbike. But you need to remember that using a headset regularly can worsen the quality of your hearing. For that you need to limit the use of this headset, starting from the volume limit to the duration limit.

  • Get to know the different types of noise levels around you

Knowing several noise level would be beneficial for you to prevent noises.

Noise that we need to be aware of is not only found on the road, various machines in your home can also cause annoying disturbances. Referring to, some household machines with awakening levels are blenders (90dB), washing machines (50dB), vacuums (70dB), and hair dryers (90dB). This example provides an illustration for us not to linger using various kinds of household because it can affect the quality of hearing aids. This again shows that sound exposure is directly proportional to the level received. Similar to motorcyclists, those who ride motorbikes at high speeds and cover large distances are more prone to hearing loss than people who ride at normal speeds.

  • Avoid taking drugs that have an effect on our hearing ability

Be aware of what you consume, including when you take medication you must check the composition of the drug first. It’s better to go to the doctor when you feel unwell than to take drugs carelessly.

Some drugs have been designed to be able to treat quickly but can cause severe side effects. The discussion about this is emphasized by Quora that taking drugs carelessly without consulting a doctor first

in the long term will have an impact on the decline in the ability to hear.

  • Immediately visit a doctor if you feel symptoms of hearing loss

Some of the signs that you have a hearing loss can be clearly felt, here are some examples:

1. You experience ringing in your ears several times each day.

2. You find it difficult to understand someone’s words even though the distance between you and the person is close.

3. Can’t hear someone’s greeting from a distance.

If you have experienced it or frequently experience it, this is a sign that you should immediately see a doctor for consultation. Even if this is just a symptom, you must take action quickly because this hearing loss will be experienced gradually, the more you delay the greater your chances of developing severe hearing loss. For those of you who have not experienced this, this is a sign that your hearing is still normal and you must continue to take care. Symptoms that are often experienced by motorcyclists, such as difficulty understanding what friends say when driving, are evidence that the noise of the wind entering through the helmet slit gradually can cause hearing loss. Since hearing loss is a dangerous disease, we must prevent it as early as possible. The seven tips and explanations that have been discussed are expected to help you as a rider to avoid this hearing loss.

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