December 3, 2022

Be More Productive by Organizing Your Workplace & Workspace

Being More Productive by Organizing Your Workplace & Workspace

By Yessi Odilia

Workplace and Workspace are the terms that are often used these days. These terms are actually able to improve

As one of the impacts of Pandemic Covid-19, remote work becomes a trend among employees and companies

Ever since the Covid-19 cases recede, it seems that many companies are still adopting the remote work system for their employees.

Emsi had shown that the practice of remote work won’t just stop in the Pandemic Covid-19 era.

Instead, it will still be practicable for this time and the future. 

Since the practice of remote work prioritizes the flexibility for employees to work in different areas, people tend to overlook their workplace or workspace.

If you want to be more productive only by organizing your workplace and workspace, here are the things you should know.

Getting Familiar with the term workplace and workspace

First of all, you should understand the concept of workplace and workspace.

Getting a good understanding of the workplace and workspace concept will help you decide the appropriate way to organize them. 

Workplace: It’s more about a physical space


The workplace is a literal area that you use to do your work. Along with the trend of remote work, the workplace now is not only defined as an office.

The workplace becomes more varied since we can work from any place.  

There are also new terms such as WHO (Work from Office), WFH (Work from Home), and WHA (Work from Anywhere). 

Nowadays, the workplace can refer to your home, living room, cafe, library, and any other environments you occupy when you do your work.  

Workspace: The space you use in doing your work.

The workspace is a space that facilitates your working activities. It’s not only about the area or location where you do your job. 

Some abstract things such as computer systems, digital tools, internet networks, software programs, and others can be classified as workspace.

In this globalized era where numerous things run digitally, the workspace becomes more prevalent.

It is required by many people when doing their job. 

How to spot the difference between workplace and workspace

Many people are still confused when differentiating the concept of workplace and workspace.

To make it easier for you to understand and remember, here is the quote from Lakeside about the difference between workplace and workspace:

The workplace is where you go to work; the workspace is where you do your work—place vs. space

Admin, 31st October 2017

A workplace is an area that is constantly being there.

A workplace will always exist physically. For that reason, the workplace is usually related to buildings or things such as desks, cubical, etc.  


Meanwhile, a workspace is a network with a strong connection with digital things. 

A workspace is usually related to most technologies applied in working activities.


These days, digital technologies play a huge role in the economy’s growth. 

Almost every company involves digital tools to escalate their companies’ productivity.

This means that digital tools potentially become the common workspace for many people. 

So, how’s organizing the workplace and workplace turn you into a more productive person?

After you better understand the workplace and workspace, you might be wondering about the connection between those two aspects and productivity.

Here is the explanation:

First, by having a well-organized workplace and workspace, you will get more motivated to do your work.

A clean and tidy place will increase your motivation to work. 

Organizing your those aspects can boost your passion for working and provide you with a comfortable space to do your job. 

A messy work environments will make you feel uncomfortable and not interested in doing any activity there.

Eventually, you will neglect the tasks you should do.

Getting motivated, your pace in working tasks will increase. 

You might not be noticing, but you will become more productive after you feel the motivation when doing work.

A well-organized workplace and workspace will give you much more positive energy than a messy place.

Finally, organizing your workplace and workspace will build a good habit and turn you into a more productive person.

If you get used to the organizing activity, you will have better skills in managing and organizing any other things.

You will also become a productive person by completing activities and tasks in your work. 

Other reasons why you should organize your workplace and workspace:

Keeping your workplace and workspace organized will benefit you with various mental health and physical health benefits.

Here are the benefits you can get:

You will get more focus on doing your work

Organizing a workplace and workspace can help you concentrate on doing your job.

A study by Princeton University has shown that clutter or untidy places are making people hard to focus when doing a particular task.

This corresponds with the human visual aspect in the brain that can get distracted quite easily.

For that reason, this simple yet beneficial activity will help your brain focus. 

You will do your tasks faster.

Having a well-organized workplace and workspace will do your task more effectively.

You could access the things you need when doing your job more manageable if you organized your it beforehand. 

You can maintain your mood during your work activities.

Working in an organized place can keep you happy and prevent you from getting stressed.

Deadlines, tasks, and other responsibilities in your job might burden you and negatively influence your mental health.

A clean and organized workplace and workspace can reduce the pressure you get from your job. 

You can avoid several sicknesses and injuries during your work activities.

A clean workplace can prevent injuries or sicknesses that might get caught when you work.

A clean place can keep you from bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, we need to be extra careful with the hygiene of our workplace.

Since we spend a lot of time in our workplace, we need to keep our workplace clean so that diseases transmitted won’t become a place. 

Steps to Organize Your workplace and workspace effectively

Organizing a workplace and workspace might feel like a tiresome activity, but it is a fun thing to do. 

When you organize your workplace and workspace, you activate your spatial ability to figure out the suitable objects for your workplace or workspace.  

You can also be creative in decorating and organizing your workplace and workspace. 

If you are unsure what you need to do to organize your workplace and workplace, don’t worry!

Here are some simple tips for organizing the workplace and workspace:

  1. Observe your space
Organizing Workplace

The first thing you need to do is observe your space. Visualize the layout of your workplace and workspace in your mind.

Match the available area with the stuff you have. 

2. Try to place your stuff in the available space.

Don’t stop on the first step! Start to put your stuff in the available space and optimize the use of the area. 

3. Use mobile applications to help you organize your stuff.

You can install an organization application to put your file, documents, data, or other stuff on your PC, laptop, or smartphone for the workspace.

Try to utilize organizational programs such as Microsoft to-do to organize your schedules and tasks.

Or you can personalize your laptop or PC desktop by using applications or the features from Windows.

Maybe you can install an application called Milkshake to build and organize your workspace (in the form of a website) simultaneously. 

Pssst! This application is used by many popular content creators on TikTok and Instagram.

4. Build the ambiance by using aromatherapy (for the workplace) 

This step can help you build a positive mood during your work time.

Try to put an aromatherapy candle in your workplace to ease your mind.

You can use Lavender, Lemon, or Cinnamon essential oil to boost your mood during work time.

The dos and don’ts of organizing workplace and workspace

These are the tips you can apply when you organize your workplace and workspace:


Break the organizing activity into smaller tasks

Organizing a messy workplace or workspace can be a burdensome thing to do. You can break this into smaller activities so you won’t be too tired.

Organizing Workplace
Make a to-do list

Plan any things you need to do in organizing your workplace and workspace. By creating a list, you won’t miss any task or step.


Keep the old and unused items

Don’t keep the stuff that only takes up the space without being useful.

Organizing Workplace
Don’t be afraid if it does not look like what you’ve expected

You might be disappointed with the layout or the look of your workplace and workspace after you organized it.

You might also feel unfamiliar with the new look.

Don’t be sad, you can re-organize it. Build a workplace or workspace that makes you feel comfortable.

As you now fully understand the workplace and workspace, you can start to be creative in organizing it and get the benefits from it.

Happy trying!

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