December 3, 2022


Want to make and eat something different than before? (It is healthy of course) EZ guys! you can make food arts instead of just salad food or just plain rice box. Food art is very simple and easy to make. Let ‘s practice at home together!

Everybody wants their body to look good and healthy. This is one of my parents do to make me wants to eat if I have to bring a lunch box. One of the efforts made by my parents is to provide food that is rich in nutrition and balanced for the growth. Source of the good food could be originated from fresh food like meat, fresh fish, fruit, and vegetables. However, I often ended up do not liking or even refuse to eat vegetables and fruit. (I am quite picky for an adult man… xixi)

Adorable Rilakkuma Bento

The Importance of Vegetables and Fruits for Body

Dealing with people who have difficulty eating vegetables, of course, sometimes makes you dizzy. Whereas vegetables and fruit for people are very good because they contain many nutrients that peoples’ need to grow and develop their body. various nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables give benefit for your body, such as:

  1. Protect your body from disease.
  2. Help growth and development.
  3. Strengthen system immunity.
  4. High fibre content can help the digestive system function.
  5. Protect your body from diseases in the future including heart stroke, and some types of cancer

To meet the daily nutritional needs, the number of vegetables and fruit consumed can depend on the type of age, gender and level of physical activity carried out by the body. Reporting from the, it is recommended to consume 2 to 3 cups of vegetables and 1.5 to 2 of fruit per day.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is almost impossible for me because I don’t like vegetables and fruit that much. Because of that, I always forgot about that. Now! for people like me (yes, you!) you can easily apply this method, like my parents do!

One way to get people interested in eating vegetables and fruit is to make the food interesting. And to make food draw one with food art. What is the “food art” itself?

Mix vegetables into your favourite foods. One of the methods that my parents do is this! This is (I think) the most effective ways to fools me! For example, you can add some vegetables grated carrots and zucchini pasta sauce into your pizza and foila!

Food Arts – Bento

Food art is a type of art that depicts food, drink or edible objects as the medium or subject matter of an artistic work to create an attractive visual display or provide social critique. It can be presented in two dimensional or three-dimensional format, like painting or sculpture. Food art can also incorporate food as a medium.

Contemporary food artists have experimented using different methods and techniques like photography to change its purpose and use it as a source of storytelling humour and highlighting current world issues, such as racism and political activism. Some food art works use materials, like stone, to replicate food.

Food art is packaged food with attractive shapes and colours and very suitable for supplies for children age preschool so that child will more interested moment first time seeing it. I know some of you think “what the hell adults man eats or makes this kind of things?”. Don’t judge me! It is my parents’ way and I think it is cool to do this because some of people cannot eat vegetables and fruit and this is one method that you can try!

Food is something that humans definitely need to survive. Of course, everyone likes good food. However, with this method, food art, you will like food more and more, maybe you might feel sorry for eating it. The right foods will provide the nutrients and substances needed by our bodies so that they make us feel healthy.

This of course makes business competition in the culinary field even tighter. The number of exploding culinary businesses makes people compete to create something unique either that creates a unique atmosphere or food so that the business does not lose to other competitors.

In fact, many people have tried to make creative art from food ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to form and arrange them into something beautiful and pleasing to look at.

Well, for those of you who like the art of creation and also food, these followings are some examples of food art that looks seriously creative and pleasing to the eye, making you feel at home if you eat it.

Carolina’s Food Arts

Examples of food art can be seen in the @oi_happi_days account uploaded on Instagram. This account belonging to a mother who lives in Singapore often shares plates of ready-to-eat foods that are decorated to make them more beautiful.

Carolina K, the owner of the account, she started making food art since the Singapore government set the Circuit Breaker period in 2020.

Initially Carolina only used simple food ingredients. Such as bread, fruit, and jam. Now she is starting to get creative with food. Both in terms of shape and food ingredients used. Carolina also uploaded a ready-to-eat meal made based on her favourite child’s cartoon character.

“Covid-19 brings a new routine in our daily activities. More time with family. However, to avoid fatigue due to boredom, as well as excessive screen time. The child asks for a special menu. He asked for a special themed dinner; after yesterday asked for a special prehistoric dinner,” wrote Carolina in a caption she posted on Instagram last year.

Jolanda’s Food Arts

Another food art was created by a Belgian mother named Jolanda Stokerian. Through the account @demealprepper, Jolanda shared the food-based artwork that she made.

Not only that, Jolanda also held workshops and made plating services a part of the profession. It’s no wonder that Jolanda’s works are often uploaded on her Instagram page and personal website

Jolanda and Carolina are just two examples of a housewife engaged into a food art. From them, the art of arranging food has become a trend and is followed by mothers from all over the world (including my mom, because now I can eat vegetables and fruit because of this method, food art).

A lot of adults’ struggles to eat vegetables and fruits. In this way, arranging food to look visually beautiful can increase people’s appetite. So, people who used to tend to have a hard time eating, now they are more enthusiastic to finish every menu that has been prepared.

You may agree with me that art has many mediums, the most beautiful and the most delicious is food. Thanks to social media, artists from all over the world get a common platform to showcase their amazing skills that are not only delicious but also a treat to your eyes. Food art is the art of preparing, cooking and serving food in the most creative way. The idea of ​​food art may have arisen because of the merging of diverse food cultures which paved the way for the creative use of different ingredients and foods.

Are you interested in trying food art??? Please check each of the author’s Instagram accounts attach above. Stay healthy and see you soon! (smiley face)

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