December 3, 2022

6 Types of Indonesian Coffee that are Well-Known at Domestic and Aboard

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But do you know? Coffee can only be grown in what is called a coffee bean belt. It is an imaginary strip that runs through the middle of the planet, passing through many countries including Indonesia. 

Indonesia was one of the most-largest producers of coffee in the world. It all started in the early Dutch colonial period. They brought coffee to Indonesia and started to plant and produce coffee to sell it again in Europe. Since then, Indonesia has been exporting coffee until now. 

As one of the most-largest producers of coffee in the world, Indonesia has tried to develop the market for this commodity in the world. And now, coffee is one of the important exporting commodities for Indonesia. It has become the fourth largest foreign exchange earner for Indonesia, to be exact.

Indonesia is also famous for having a number of specialty coffees such as ‘coffee Luwak (known as the most expensive coffee in the world),’ coffee Mandailing’, and many more. This country has a unique way to enjoy coffee called ‘Tubruk’. The type of brew that has been well known in Indonesia and is considered as the most simple way of brewing, because it only needs hot water and coffee ground.

There are many types of coffee in Indonesia and each type has its own uniqueness based on where it is planted. As home to a large number of islands that over a variety of commodities, Indonesia has many different regions with different landscapes and types of soil, which make Indonesia produce many varieties of coffee with their own unique taste and characteristic.    

Therefore, we will be looking for different types of Indonesian coffee, to know better about this Indonesia’s mainstay agriculture export goods.  

Sumatra gayo

Gayo coffee is the coffee that is produced in Gayo highland, Aceh.  This northern part of Sumatra island of Indonesia is well known for producing high-quality coffee and is famous in various parts of the world. Most of the production is arabica, although robusta has also been produced in this region. However, Robusta is not produced as much as arabica.

The method that is mostly used by the farmer to process the coffee bean is the dry process method, which makes the taste of the coffee tend to be sweet. They’re also a coffee that has been processed with natural fermentation, to create the wine taste to the coffee. 

Gayo Coffee has a high taste with low acidity and strong bitterness. All the taste of this coffee is very balanced. This coffee also has a fragrant and delicious aroma as its characteristic. These unique characteristics make Gayo Coffee one of the best organic coffee in the world.

Arabica Kintamani Coffee

Kintamani coffee, like its name, was produced in the local plantation near Batur mountain at Kintamani, Bali. Like other Indonesian coffee, Kintamani is already widely known for its unique taste and cultivation process.

Most of the coffee that has been produced in this region is arabica. The coffee has a taste that tends to be light, sweet, fruity, floral, chocolaty, and has low acidity. This type of coffee also has low caffeine.   The body of this coffee is medium and not too bitter with a sour taste like orange, which comes from the unique way of cultivation.

This coffee was cultivated at Batur mountain which usually was an orange plantation, which makes Kintamani coffee has a citrus taste and aroma. Kintamani coffee is also well known as eco-friendly coffee because of the environmentally friendly planting method. 

A thing that makes this coffee authentic is the concept of the plantation. The locals use what is called “tri hita karana” as their philosophy to maintain the balance of nature. 

Furthermore, They are using a Subak irrigation system, organic fertilizer, and without pesticides. Besides planting the trees together with an orange or vegetable tree.

The most common way to brew and enjoy this coffee is by using a traditional way called tubruk. This is a type of brew that has been well known in Indonesia and is the most simple way of brewing because it only needs hot water and coffee. If you use this way of brewing, it will bring up a strong aroma. However, you can also different types of brew to enjoy this coffee. 

Javanese Coffee

Javanese coffee like its name is a type of coffee that thrive on the island of Java. This coffee has a unique taste which makes many people interested in this coffee that came from one of these regions of Indonesia.

Java island has a long history with this commodity and has many different plantations. There are many different kind of Javanese coffee such as Ciwidey, Puntang, Temanggung, Ijen Raung. 

Most of the coffee that is grown in this area is arabica, and like any other arabica, it has a size that more smallest than Robusta, low caffeine, and delicious taste and aroma. The brew from this coffee has a unique spice aroma and usually has medium thickness.

The characteristics of Javanese coffee are almost the same as Arabica coffee, namely having a smaller bean size than Robusta coffee, low caffeine content, and delicious taste and aroma. Javanese coffee has a characteristic thin spice aroma with medium thickness and acidity and a balanced taste. 

With the wet grinding method, the taste of Javanese coffee is not as strong as coffee from Sulawesi and Sumatra. Even so, there are still many Javanese coffee enthusiasts because of the aroma of spices and herbs that not all Indonesian coffees have.

Toraja Coffee

Toraja Coffee is one of the best Indonesian coffee that came from Toraja, South Sulawesi. This coffee is well known for its unique taste and aroma which is affected by the high quality of the soil. 

The harvest of this coffee is very selective with only the old ones that only will be harvested. Afterward, the coffee bean will be processed with the wet-hull method, roasted, and stored before mashing. 

Toraja coffee has a clean taste. This coffee also has a strong aroma with low acidity. Toraja coffee also has a unique taste like spice and nuts, such as cinnamon, cardamon, and even black pepper. The body of the coffee tends to be irregular and has a dark brown colour.  

Toraja Kalosi coffee itself has a special coffee aroma with low acidity, smooth, soft, floral, and fruity taste. The coffee taste sensation is strong, penetrating the tongue. There is also a sense of bitterness. 

The bitterness appears on the tip of the tongue shortly after being swallowed. The appearance of the coffee looks clearer after being poured into the cup, similar to strong tea

Mandheling coffee

Mandheling coffee is an arabica coffee type that came from Mandailing, North Sumatra. While other Indonesian coffee is named based on their region, Mandheling coffee is named based on the ethnicity that has planted this coffee, the Mandailing people. 

This coffee has a   good thick taste with low acidity and flora scent which make this coffee very unique. The unique method used in its production results in a very intense taste with a distinctive aroma, embellished with herbal nuances and a spicy taste result.

This coffee is also has a sweet aftertaste which also a unique characteristic of this coffee. This aftertaste is perfect after sipping the thick taste of this coffee. 

Those characteristics are very suitable for you who do not like the bitter taste of coffee. Moreover, with the medium body, the coffee is suitable to enjoy with some snack with your friend. 

Coffee Luwak

Coffee Luwak is a type of coffee that goes through a unique process than any other coffee. Usually, the coffee is chosen by the farmer and then it is processed by the machine. Coffee Luwak is chosen by an animal and then they will eat it. The coffee will be fermented inside the animal then the farmer will collect the feces and process it.

This kind of process makes Luwak coffee have a unique taste and aroma. Because of the long process and small amount of harvest, this coffee has become the most expensive coffee in the world. 

The taste of this coffee varies with the type and origin of the beans, the processing, aging, roasting, and brewing. Indonesian coffee Luwak sells well and is very popular among coffee lovers, this coffee is good for you who like your coffee to be smooth and friendly taste to the stomach.

So, that’s are six types of Indonesian coffee that have been well known in domestic and overseas. With this, you can find out what is the best coffee in Indonesia. You determine which Indonesian coffee you would like to enjoy based on your preference. 

You can find your favorite Indonesian coffee in cafés and coffee shops nearby, or you can also find it in the online shop. Many coffee shops open online shops. With this, it becomes much easier

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