December 1, 2022

5 Ways Not to Waste Food at the Boarding House: College Student edition

Most people do not realize how many things they like to buy but do not use them properly as they should and make it a waste. The waste can happen to clothes, books, or even food that we consume daily, from leftovers that are gone, such as damaged goods, to fruit and vegetable.

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Food waste has been a global problem that people in many countries try to solve. 

Sadly this is not surprising considering, as we see in a traditional market, for the simplest example, the seller and the buyer throw off many fruits and vegetables, whether it is accidentally or just already rotten. 

If you think that food waste is not something that will affect you, rethink again. 

The research shows that almost 184 Kg per person is food waste per year in Indonesia itself. The amount of sapped food is equivalent to feeding 125 people who are not lucky enough to gather their meals. 

Many disadvantages might happen if we let all the food waste become our problem; 

-Biodiversity loss

the loss of biodiversity inland can be one of the disadvantages of food waste.

The land needed to produce more nutrition is full and used for production, implying an insufficient area for food production. And it can affect other animals in the forest.

-Economic loss

Foodstuffs that people make products and consume need money in every process. Waste of food can also impact the economy of the countries.

The more product that some factories produce, the more banknotes it needs, and when the food is wasted, the finances used disappear too. 

-Climate change

The effect of all this also can affect the climate of the world. Every wasted meal can turn into gas that can create more greenhouse effects. 

That is why we need to start reducing food waste in our lives.

This is especially true for college students who live in boarding houses alone and without family. 

Throwing food has often become a habit for those who started to live alone because there are things that we should know. 

The question is how to reduce the food waste that might happen in the future. Here are five ways not to waste food, especially in the boarding house as a fellow college student. 

1. Know your food portion

As someone who just started living alone for the first time, we try to adapt to many things that we know might be different from when we are with our family. 

We need to start adapting to financial use, new place, different room and environment, and many other things to make our bodies accept it. Meals are also one of the things that we need to make sure we understand. Although it is a simple and small thing, this can be crucial for us students. 

Knowing yourself is very important to make us be better people. It also can help others and the environment. 

Knowing your food portion is also essential for learning in the new experience alone. 

We all know when hungry come. We fiercely want to eat anything we can find. And that is why food waste is hard to avoid. 

We need and must avoid Overeating, and making sure your portion sizes are within a healthy range helps you lose weight and decreases food waste. 

That makes us go to the second point, which is.

2. Buy everything in a one-person portion

Every portion in every restaurant is designed for single consumption.

People have a bigger or smaller appetite according to their body type, habits and genetic factor. After finding your food portion, you can determine how many calories you consume and need for a day.

It can be hard because sometimes we feel hungrier than usual, but buying another portion must be too much. That is why we need to know our portion and how to maintain it so we don’t consume more.

Eating one-person portion per meal can also help you control your daily calories. 

However, there is an alternative for those who might have a bigger appetite and think the one-person meal that restaurants often suggest is not enough. In cities that have many college students, such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and other cities, there is some restaurant that often gives free refill to people. 

Going to places like free refill restaurants can be an alternative because we don’t need to add more money to eat t, but our tummy is fulfilling. 

Sometimes, as college students, we forget to take care of our bodies and what we consume. Taking care of our body is a must, especially when you are all alone in a new place. 

Know your limits in everything, food, work, and other things so you can understand and survive.

3. Buy food rather than cooking

We know buying food on a daily basis can really drain our savings. Especially in this globalized world, online shopping makes us spend more money just buying foods. 

These choices make us think that cooking is a better and cheaper option rather than buying food every time.

It is not wrong. Buying the ingredients for cooking is way cheaper than buying the full meal.

However, there are some problems as a fellow college student still struggling found that cooking our meals in boarding houses can always lead to overcooking.

Make the real problem is the portion. 

Cooking for one person is a different kind of challenge, especially if the equipment in the boarding house is not as complete as we wanted.

Some people probably can control and measure a good amount to cook. However, those who hardly know their portion will always overcook, and that meal can be a waste of food that leads to throwing it away.

Nevertheless, it does not limit your preference to cook your meal. When you cook and think that your food is too much for yourself, you can always share it with your friends and dormmates.

4. Eat with your friends

Being with fellow students can be a great way to spend our time in new places, especially if you have come from different cities than your friends.

eating with friend

Adapting new place can be easier when we find someone who has a similar struggle with us.

That is why we can say that eating with friends can also help us to reduce food waste.

How does it reduce food waste?

When we buy or even cook food, the variety of meals can help us eat delightfully and feel more enjoyable. Though we order it or cook various food for ourselves, there is a high chance that we do not finish our meal, which turns into waste.

When we eat with our friends, there is always a chance to order more without the fear of wasting it.

We can try to order different food for every person and order more to be eaten together. And just like that, everyone can taste every meal, have a different meal on one plate, but do not make the meal is thrown off because it has not finished yet by other.

By eating together, we can reduce the chance of garbage in this way, plus we can make the friendship stronger with those we love. as people always say…

The way to someone’s Heart is through their Stomach

English Saying

5. Store every food properly

now this part is very important. As college students, we know that having instant food or heatable food is an alternative that is fun to do and considered cheaper because the expiration of the meal can stay longer than a ready meal from the restaurant.

Noodle, sardine, canned meat, bread, and many more snacks that we find in the minimarket can be stored in our room without being afraid to be rotten.

That is why food storing can be important too for us. How to store food properly without thinking too much?

  • List what you want to eat in a day. Planning your meal throughout the day can help you reduce the possible waste in the future.
  • Shop what you need when you need it. Sometimes we love to see what we can find and bring up our appetite, but we need to think about whether things are really necessary to buy or boost our eyes.
buy what you need
  • Buy it in small amounts in every product you want to buy.

End of it

there are many ways to reduce food waste in our environment. It can be easier than we thought.

The practical recommendations in this article will not only help you waste less food, but they may also save you money and time.

Those five ways to reduce food waste are just a small amount of bigger ways to reduce it. There are no limits in doing things like this. be creative with this because our way to be creative can help many other things.

You may help generate good change by thinking more about the food your household wastes every day.

because we want to make a change, start those changes inside. Start changing yourself. Reducing our food waste in the place we stay can help us not only society but also teach us to appreciate food more than before.

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