December 3, 2022


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Have you ever felt bored staying at home for the whole day and doing nothing? Today, because of the pandemic everything is done at home. We start working, studying, selling, and doing other things we usually do outside we do it at our houses now. It is because we can’t go out freely like before. Staying at home every day can make us feel bored. We do the same activities, again and again, every day.

When staying at home, you might think about how to spend the day with more activities. But there is little activity that we can do at home. Because a house is limited in space, we can’t do our old outdoor hobbies like travelling, hiking, swimming, and shopping at house. Everything is limited and we can’t do our hobbies as comfortable as before.

To spend your day at home, you might like to do something to get rid of boredom. On the other hand, you also don’t have space and can’t go out to do outdoor activities. If you want to find new activities that can fulfil your boredom but are also useful, here are some new hobbies that you can do at home easily, cheaply, and funny.


You might never think of knitting when you try to find a new hobby. When you heard the word knitting, the thoughts that go through your head may be something boring, annoying, need a lot of patience, and never-ending “needle thread fighting”. The image of knitting is usually of an old woman or a grandmother. But do you think knitting is really for old people only?

There are so many benefits to knitting. And knitting is not as bad as people think it is. It might be hard and frustrating the first time. But when you are getting good at doing it, you will find comfort and happiness while doing it.

According to Sheep & Stitch, there are 6 benefits of knitting. (1) Knitting reduces stress, the repetition of knitting can make our brain more relaxed; (2) knitting can help kids read, the kids can learn focus and concentration from knitting; (3) knitting can keep Alzheimer’s at bay, knitting can lower the risk of dementia; (4) knitting teaches important life skills, knitting cand reduce anger and gives positive and calming vibe, (5) knitting helps overcome addiction, because knitting itself is addicting, so it can overcome bad addiction; and the last one is (6) knitting encourages community, with knitting we can gain calmness, happiness, and higher cognitive function.

You don’t need to burden yourself to have a good result the first time. Knitting is about time and patience. If you think of knitting as a hobby, you will enjoy doing it. We can knit every time we have free time after doing our activities at home. You can start by learning basic knitting. If you already mastered the basic knit, you can start making accessories like a bracelet or a key ring. And if you have enough skill, you can make your own beanie and cardigan.

Here’s a video and an article for a beginner if you want to start knitting:

Pipo Painting

Have you ever heard about pipo painting? Pipo painting or commonly called paint by the number is a kit for colouring. It is similar to a colouring book, but it comes with other painting equipment. One set of pipo painting kits includes canvas which already has patterns and numbers on it, a paintbrush, and coloured paint which has also numbers on it.

Pipo painting is getting popular since 2020. People start to talk about it on social media and became viral activity among youngsters. Pipo painting become a hobby of some people because it is easy to make even though you are not good at painting. We can just match the number of the pattern and colour with the same number. The kit is also complete, so we don’t have to buy other equipment.  

According to lifeabout dotcom, these are some tips when we use pipo painting:

1. Paint from the larger area first

2. Start from one side (left/right/above/below),

3. Don’t focus only on one colour,

4. Use a bigger paintbrush for a larger area (if there’s any),

5. Start with the darkest colour and end with the lightest, or vice versa,

6. Wash the paintbrush with water when changing the colour,

7. Don’t dunk the paintbrush into the paint up,

8. Be patient!

Pipo painting might seem hard to do because of the pattern’s details. This hobby can increase our focus and patience. You don’t have to finish the painting in one sitting. You can paint every time you want or when you have free time. After you finish it, you can display your creation at your home.

Here’s a video you can follow as a beginner:



Because of the pandemic, we can’t go outside often. We just lay on the bed and played with our phones. We rarely move our bodies and it is bad for our health. Stay at home doesn’t mean we can’t keep our bodies fit. In today’s era, we can do some work out at home. We don’t need gym equipment. With only mattress, we can keep our bodies fit.

It is not hard to do some self-workout at home. We don’t need to invite a professional trainer. With the internet, we can find anything we need. There is a lot of workout application you can download on your phone. You can also find some videos tutorial on Youtube. Many professional trainers have Youtube channels, so you don’t have to pay for them.

In the workout applications, there are many features provided. Using a workout application, you can decide whether you want to do a full-body workout or focus on a particular workout. A particular workout is a workout that only focuses on one body part such as toned arms, splits training, and abs workout. You can also make your workout more fun by playing your favourite songs. On the workout application, you can know how much time we spend for work out and the calories that have been burned. It also provides a statistic for your ideal weight.

During self-quarantine, you have to keep your body fit to prevent the virus from infecting you. By doing self-workout at home, you can keep your body fit and have a new activity to do in your free time. Working out is a good choice for your new hobby.

Learn to play an instrument

Everyone loves music. Music become part of human life. Our life is full of music. We can find music everywhere. On film, on Youtube, in restaurants, and even when you go to school on the bus you can still hear some music played.

Besides listening to the music, do you have any interest in playing an instrument and creating your own music? Or are you already mastering one or some instruments? It is not a bad choice to learn a new one! Starting to learn to play an instrument as your new hobby is a good choice when you stay at home. Besides for fill your free time, you can also let your friends or family see your performance. And if you have enough skill, you can create your own music with your style.

There are a lot of instruments you can try to learn. You can learn the basic instruments like guitar and piano/keyboard at home. You don’t need to invite a personal teacher to teach you to play an instrument. You can learn by watching videos on Youtube. Many people shared their knowledge about playing instruments on Youtube. When you learn to play an instrument at home, you can fill your free time with more useful activities rather than just laying on the bed and playing with your phone.

According to Microphone Basic, learning to play an instrument has many benefits such as, (1) developing patience and discipline, (2) cultivating creativity, (3) increasing your confidence, (4) improving your memory, (5) developing social skills, (6) relieve stress, (7) workout brain and body, and (8) improve breathing and lung capacity.

Learning to play an instrument as your new hobby is a good choice during this pandemic era. You can learn it anytime and you can learn it at your home by watching some tutorials on Youtube.

Here are some videos of the basic knowledge if you want to try learning to play an instrument (guitar or piano):


Because of the pandemic, students start school from their homes. School from home is different from school at “school”. School from home forced us to use technology as a learning medium. If teachers usually teach directly to students in class, classes are held in Zoom Meeting. The assignments also change. If offline classes, assignments were done on books or papers. But now the assignments are electrolyzed and submitted on Google Classroom or Edmodo.

Because of the limitation of learning activities, teachers try to make innovations in their teaching. Some teachers start to use technology as their teaching media in the class. They also make assignments that should be done by using technology. The assignments teachers usually ask for make a PPT presentation, make a video, or make a design related to the subjects they teach.

So, we need some editing skills to do those assignments. But, when you are done doing your task, do you think you have done a good job? Or do you think you need more skill to do a good job? If you feel you’ve done good work or still lack editing skills, editing as your hobby is a good idea! Besides, you can be done your assignment well, and you can gain a new skill as well.

There are many things you can edit. You can start with the basic ones which are video/photo editing and designing. You don’t need to use a professional application if you are still a beginner. There is a lot of application you can find on your phone or PC. For a beginner, if you don’t have good equipment to support you, you can still use your phone.  

For video editing, you can try CapCut on your phone to edit your video. It is easy to operate and free. While for photo editing you can use Picsart which many people use to edit their photos on their phones. And for designing, you can use Canva on your phone and it can be used on a PC as well. if you are still confused about how to operate those applications, here are some tutorials that can help you:

With editing as your new hobby, it is not just you can be done your assignments. You can also gain a new skill that might be useful for you in the future.

So, those are 5 Useful New Hobbies You Can Do At Home. You can find a new hobby which has a benefit for your life. Have you chosen which one is going to be your new hobby? Please decide now and get the benefits!


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