December 1, 2022

3 Types Of Foods That Will Make You Look Younger!

With the rise of Korean dramas today, we are often amazed by how beautiful and young the faces of Korean drama actresses are. Even more surprising is that those actresses are usually already old, 40 years of age and over. For example, Song Hye Kyo, an actress born in 1981, amazed the audience because her face still looked like she was in her 20s. Of course, as the audience, we really crave a face like that and wonder how to stay young like those actresses?

Of course, the things above are obtained in a not easy way but not impossible to do. It takes a high commitment and dedication for us to achieve success in getting that youthful face. One of them starts with eating healthy foods.

No worries! Here we will discuss ways that we can do to look young and fit at all times by consuming these foods.

1. Fruits

Fruits are known for their high vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in counteracting free radical attacks that cause skin aging. Aging of the skin can cause our skin to look wrinkled, which of course, we can avoid by consuming fruits. Here are fruits that are rich in high antioxidants:

– Apple

Apple, usually has red and green colors, has a sweet and sour taste. This fruit is one of the people’s favorite fruit. How to eat an apple is pretty easy. We can peel the skin or eat it with the skin. Just make sure the skin has been washed. Then cut into pieces and the apple is ready to eat! Besides that, we can also make fruit juice, but make sure not to mix it with sugar!

– Avocado

Avocado is the second type of fruit that can make us look young. Avocados also contain many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and high antioxidants. These vitamin is beneficial for keeping the body healthy and youthful.

Even though the avocado taste is a little bland, we can outsmart it by adding ice cubes and milk to add to the avocado. Not only that, for those of you who are on a diet, avocado is perfect if you consume it in the morning because it can make your stomach full for a long time.

– Guava

The following fruit that can help us maintain our healthy skin is guava. Guava contains vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A. We usually find Vitamin C and vitamin E in facial treatments to make skin brighter and more elastic. This is what we can get if we regularly consume guava. Guava leaves can also help us treat acne and blackheads. How to consume it is pretty easy. We can peel and eat it directly, or make it as a rujak by mixing it with chili and salt, or it can also be served in juice.

– Orange

Orange is known as a fruit that has a sour taste. However, behind the sour taste of oranges, it contains vitamin C, which is very useful for the body.

For one large orange contains up to 100% vitamin C, which can meet the daily nutritional adequacy. In addition, there is also vitamin B1 which plays an essential role in the process of converting carbohydrates into energy, vitamin B9 for pregnant women, potassium, and calcium which can help lower blood pressure for people with hypertension, people with heart disease and maintain bone and bone strength muscle.

How to consume it is also fairly easy, just by peeling the skin. Some consume it like eating rujak, chili or making orange ice to make it fresher.

– Tomato

Many people underestimate this one fruit. However, these tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins. One of them is vitamin C and the rich antioxidant content in this fruit. Besides the benefits to make our skin look younger, many other benefits can be given from this tomato: preventing the risk of prostate cancer, reducing or even eliminating cardiovascular problems, maintaining healthy skin and hair, and providing a brilliant black color as a sign of healthy hair, creating stress. Blood in the body becomes more regular and strengthens the immune system or immune system through the vitamin C contained in it.

Tomatoes also contain lycopene, a substance that can counteract UV rays. As we know, UV rays are very harmful to the skin. It makes our skin look old, but UV rays can also cause skin cancer, which is very dangerous for the body.

A study shows that women who regularly consume foods containing lycopene and foods rich in antioxidants for 15 weeks experience a drastic reduction in the number of wrinkles on the skin. Not only for consumption but tomatoes can also be used as a face mask by grating and then applying it to the skin with clean facial skin.

This fruit is relatively easy to find in the market or supermarket. Also, we can managed it as an additional ingredient for making chili sauce.

In addition to the fruits mentioned above, there are many other fruits contain antioxidants that are very useful for the body, especially for women who want to look beautiful and youthful.

2. Vegetable

Not only fruits, regularly consuming vegetables can help you achieve maximum youthful skin. The following are vegetables that can help treat skin naturally from the inside and are indeed safe for consumption for all ages.

The first vegetable is spinach. Spinach is a green vegetable that can give give natural beauty to the skin and make it youthful. Spinach is very easy to find in markets and supermarkets. The price is not expensive because spinach is not a rare vegetable.

Spinach contains beta carotene and lutein, both of which are important nutrients that can improve skin elasticity. The skin becomes firmer and less prone to fine lines that trigger wrinkles. Other content found in spinach is phytonutrient or antioxidant compounds that can help protect the skin from the sun. Therefore, it is recommended that we consume 700 grams of pay per week to keep the skin healthy and youthful.

3. Avoid Fried Foods And Eat More Boiled Foods

As we know, fried, and baked food tastes better than boiled food. In fact, eating cooked food like the way above is not too good for tour body. For example, when we buy snacks outside, we do not know the quality of the oil used in fried foods.

If the quality of the oil is not good, it will be very dangerous for the body because it contains free radicals that can cause heart disease and stroke. In addition, fried food is also awful for skin health. Fried foods can cause oil levels on the face to be higher, so the skin tends to be more prone to breakouts and blackheads. This can cause the face to look dull and look old.

On the other hand, boiled food that has no demand turns out to have many benefits for the body. One of the benefits that we can get is to help improve skin and hair conditions. Because by consuming foods that contain high water, we can keep our skin healthy and hydrated.


In addition to consuming the foods above, we must also continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one of which is to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make our faces look tired and cause dark circles around the eyes that will make a face look old.

It is also essential to exercise regularly. By exercising, we can keep our body’s blood flow smooth and make our skin brighter and more radiant. Many kinds of sports are relatively easy and cheap but can provide extraordinary benefits for the body, especially to make a face glow and last longer easily.

Yoga is a sport that is easy to do anywhere without the need for high costs but has been able to slow down premature aging. Every movement can improve blood circulation, which will drain nutrients and oxygen into the skin. Yoga can also make someone who does it calmer. In other words, we will avoid stress to relax the mind.

Other exercise options are squats and jogging, or brisk walking. Both play an important role in making a person stay young. It works by increasing the heart’s working system and hormone function. So that by doing so, our bodies feel more fit even at a relatively young age. At the same time, jogging or brisk walking can delay aging because there is a combination of intense physical exercise and light physical exercise.

Apart from consuming or carrying out the three tips above, you need to exercise regularly for 12 weeks to get maximum results. Exercise can help produce a lot of protein which is very good and has many benefits for skin health. Not only that, but overall health can also be guaranteed by eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding fried foods, and interspersed with regular exercise. Finally, don’t forget to always use your sunscreen every day to avoid UV rays which are very harmful to the skin. No need to worry, some of the things mentioned above are very powerful.

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