December 3, 2022

3 Promising Side Jobs for Your Reading Hobby

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Isn’t it everyone’s dream, to do something they really love and get paid for it? Well, good news for all the bookworms! Your reading hobby has potentials to be legitimate side jobs.

All of that night reading will not go for nothing. Instead, it will add up your penny for shopping!

Perhaps you already know how reading books can benefit yourself so much. Besides to increase your knowledge, it can also entertain yourself, especially during your free time. However, have you ever thought that you can earn extra money just by reading books?

More surprisingly, the payment you can get can be in a great amount. That makes reading becomes more compelling, right? So, here’s some beginner-friendly ways to start your careers from reading.

1. Reviewing books

When deciding what books to read, which one is more convincing to you, the cover or the review? Well, to say that the cover might attract your attention first is understandable. But do you realize that it’s actually the review that convinces you the most to start reading it?

That’s why, many writers and bookstores always need a creative book reviewer. In exchange to a great review of the content, you will get a pretty good payment. Because a great review can compel readers to read more after all.

If you think you’re not that experienced in writing a review, don’t worry! Because there are some websites that offer the chance for you to start.

These are some websites that offer promising jobs in reading:

Online Book Club

This site can be a great starter for your side job as a book reviewer. It provides hundreds book reviews in various genres. To start joining the website, you need to sign up your email here. Rest assured, you don’t need to spend a penny for signing up. After that, their team will give you a selection of books. Then, you’ll have a free copy to read on your own.

Do note that you should write the review as honest as possible. Then, they approve your review, you are officially a legal reviewer for the website. The range of payment for your final review will be varied, starting from $5 to $60.

To read a free copy of a book, and possibly getting paid for it? Sounds pretty interesting, right?

New Pages

As a beginner book reviewer, you are probably more comfortable to start with a short review. If that’s the case, the site is a perfect match for you.

Same as the previous one, New Pages is also an insightful source of book reviews. Not only that, it also collects magazine reviews, where you can share your opinion about a specific issue in it.

In writing a review for this website, you need to make it in 200 words at most. You’re most likely to review contemporary literary works or magazines. As for the pay you’ll get, it is pretty much varied.

If you’re interested enough to try, they provide these guidelines that provide more explanation. And, if you need tips on writing a compelling book review, this article surely can help.

Kirkus Media

Last but not least, this site is very popular among book review sources. It collects countless of book reviews for certain ages of readers, starting from children, teens, until adults.

To start applying for this job, you need to submit your resume and a sample of your review. The email address is provided on the page.

From this website, you’ll get various choices of books to review. You should write your review in about 350 words. Also, pay attention to the due, please! Because you only have two weeks to submit the review after the book is assigned. As for the payment, they don’t mention the exact range, so it will be varied depends on the quality.

Just a quick tip for you: choose an interesting book that you genuinely wants to read! So, your reading and review will be possible to complete before two weeks.

2. Reading aloud as narrator jobs

If you enjoy telling stories by reading a book out loud, then it’s time for you to shine! This side hustle requires you to read books in a perfect pace and intonation. Not only that, you also have to record it clearly in a quiet room.

Reading books aloud apparently can pave the way to make money out of your hobby.

Here’s some websites that pay you for it.

Do you love hearing and narrating stories? If so, this site will pave the way into your new career as a narrator.

To be a narrator for this website, simply submit your CV and demo of you reading a book aloud to their email address.

The payment for this job is rather high, which ranges from $10 to $150 per hour.

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Findaway Voices

Good news! Nowadays, you can find many interesting platforms for narrating books, including Findaway Voices. This is a platform for creating audiobooks, and providing narrators with various talent.

So, if you want to be their narrator, simply create your account here. Then, you need to complete your portfolio, and join an audition. In the audition, you’ll be given a book to read aloud in a few minutes. After you’re done, submit the recording sample.

Don’t forget to prepare the room and the audio tools as best as you can, so the sample you’ve sent will be great enough to attract book authors.

One more good news! The payment for this legitimate side job is $150 to $300 per hour.

Yep, I can totally hear your excitement! This may be the cue for you, to elevate your reading into these fantastic jobs.


Here comes the last yet the most promising platform for your reading job. ACX is the platform for you to read a book and earn money from it.

Same as the last two platforms, this one also requires you to record your samples of reading, and submit it to the team. Before that, make sure you’ve already created your profile in the platform. Check out this link for signing up. They also provide these easy steps to be a narrator in their platform.

If you’re having a hard time to choose what book to review, simply check the list of books that are available in recent times.

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3. Creating Your Own Bookstagram

Bookstagram post example by Disty Nurul Izzaty

Just like a brother and sister, books and arts are inseparable. People use books and arts to express ideas, emotions, and even tell compelling stories. If you agree on this, it’s a cue for you to start creating your bookstagram.

Bookstagram is an Instagram account for any book lover who’d like to share their book collections and thoughts. In bookstagram, you can post your list of reading in certain arrangement. For example, you can arrange them based on colors, themes, or authors.

As a bookstagrammer, you can create your Instagram feed as much as you want. Just a quick note, to make your bookstagram looks aesthetically pleasing, check out these fun tips. You may think, what makes bookstagram important so much? If you only post a picture of book and maybe a review to pair with.

Well, apparently, bookstagram has brought a large influence for book lovers.

A recent survey finds 87% of people are actually influenced by bookstagrams in purchasing their books. The survey is conducted by Jules Buono, a part of Oprah’s Book Club. So, bookstagram becomes one of the ways for you to earn money from your reading.

These are some ways to make money from your bookstagram:

Be an affiliate

In marketing world, there is a popular term called affiliate.

To be an affiliate, you need to attach a link of other people’s products in your bookstagram. Then, each time people buy the product from your affiliate link, you’ll earn money or commission.

You can be an affiliate for platforms that sell books and magazine, such as Goodreads,, and Amazon.

An important note to remember, make sure you create a promising advertisement to attract people into your affiliate link.

Join paid partnership

When publishing a book, a writer usually needs a large network to promote their book. This is a great chance for you!

The authors and publishing company usually choose a creative promoter to be invited for a paid partnership. By joining this partnership, your book reading will be turned into advertisement. Therefore, the paid partnership can turn your reading into creative jobs.

Just a quick and important reminder, make the ads look as natural as possible! But, still catchy enough to attract people.

Check out more tips in: How To Create An Effective Ad For Your eBook or Book

4. Conclusion

Finally! Your night or afternoon reading will give you much more benefits, especially for your income. Besides practicing your creative reading skill, you’ll also earn money from it.

Be free to choose which ways you want to try first, because all of the above are quite friendly for the beginners. Just remember, you always have the time to upgrade your reading skill for those potential jobs.

One important thing to remember, these jobs are suitable only for freelance thing. So, make sure you keep maintaining your focus on your full-time job, before deciding to try these careers.

Have fun trying!

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