December 3, 2022

3 Ingredients that can make your instant noodle tasted more unique !

Variation of Instant Noodle

History of Instant Noodle

Instant noodles, are one of the typical foods that come from China, and in this day and age, there are many forms and variants. Around the 6th century, the world’s first noodles were successfully made by the Chinese people. They call it Shui Yin Bing, which means boiled noodles. They use wheat flour as the main dough which is soaked in water, then shaped into long rolls, and cooked in hot water.  For this discovery, the process of making noodles was immortalized in the Qimin Yaoshu, a book on the history of Chinese agriculture. Over time, instant noodles are not cooked with only in hot soup again.  In northern China, a dish called Liangfen or noodles is served cold.  The texture is more like jelly and is served with chopped carrots, radishes, and peanuts.  This menu is one of my favorite foods in summer.

In this modern age, we can say that noodles is a food that is easy for us to make, easy for us to find, also we can say that the taste never disappoints us. We can find this type of food, anywhere, and anytime. We can find this type of  food at home, in the nearest store, in a restaurant, or even in a small shop. A lot of people really like noodles, and they decided to make noodle as their favorite food, because the way to make it is easy, practical and instant, and the price is relatively cheap. In this modern era, we can also find the noodles that has various kinds of flavors, various kinds of shape, and they sell it with a relatively cheap price, so we as a consumer or a noodles lover can choose it with satisfaction.

In Indonesia, they have even a noodle that sold in cup shape, so we only need a hot water, put it in to the cup, wait for 3 minutes and then the noodle is ready to serve. However, with that kinds of flavours, that kinds of shape, there must be some people who feel boring or common to the the taste of the noodles, or to the shape of noodles, because they feel  it too monotonous and ordinary. So, This time, I will tell you and suggest you about my 3 secret ingredients, that will make your noodle taste, level up, very unique, and make you addicted. Curious what the ingredients are ?  These 3 ingredients are very easy to find, even in small shops. Let’s see from the first ingredients

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter for instant noodle

Yep, you read right about the first ingredients. It’s not about the bread, its not about the cookie, or even its not about the cake, it’s all about the noodles. Many people give the impression of confusion and doubting when they hear adding peanut butter to noodles. For me, it is a normal responses of course, because it is something that we do not usually found in our daily life, or the restaurants, but who would have thought that this special ingredient, will give a unique taste to your noodle, and will make you addicted. The peanut butter that we will used, is a slightly more savory type of peanut butter not the sweet one. Why we choose the savory one ? so that the peanut butter will be more suitable and collaborate well, with our fried noodles.

The peanut butter produce the savory taste, and when it combine with the noodle’s seasoning, plus a little bit oil, it will give a slightly similar taste to Thai Curry fried noodles. Remember, this first secret ingredients is only suitable with the type of noodle that fried. Also, we can add some complementary seasoning with onions, oregano, and mushrooms or even an egg. It all depends on our taste and what we usually eat with our noodle. I can say and guarantee you that it will be much more delicious, if we add a little spicy taste or chili to the noodles, but do not put it in too much, because it will cover the taste of the noodle.

2. Lime Juice in Instant Noodle

Lime juice for instant noodle

The second ingredient that will make your noodles taste more unique and delicious is lime juice. Lime juice is an easy ingredients that we usually find in our kitchen or even if we don’t have it in our kitchen, we can buy it at the traditional market, and also we do not need much, we only need 1 lime in our noodles. In my opinion, maybe this material sounds quite ordinary, when compared to the second material because a lot of people uses this ingredients in their food. This time, in our noodle, lime juice has a role as a producer of a fresh sour taste, so this lime juice will be suitable when combined with noodle soup. It will give us the taste like the Asian’s signature dish. When we combined it, it will create a savory sour and spicy taste, if you put the chili,  which will make you addicted. A lot of people really like a food that have a sour and spicy taste.

Maybe when we add lime juice to our noodles, we will feel like we are eating Tom Yum, if we add some other ingredients. This ingredient is also a commonly used ingredient in Thailand, because the majority of Thai people like the sour taste in their food, so for Thai people, lime juice is the main ingredient in their cooking, and they always put it in, in almost every dish. This ingredients is suitable for both types of noodle, the fried one, and the soup one.

3. Coconut Milk in Instant Noodle

Coconut milk for instant noodle

The last ingredient that will make your noodle taste more unique and got level up, is coconut milk. Have you ever heard about this ingredients ? don’t be confused, don’t be surprised, because this ingredients is a very suitable and perfectly fits, when it combined with noodles. This coconut milk, fits perfectly with the variety of noodle flavors that contain seafood flavours.  When we combine the taste of seafood noodles with coconut milk it will produce, a very unique creamy taste that will make you addicted. Coconut milk is an easy ingredients, we can find anywhere, at supermarket at the small shop, it is very easy to find, and also it has a relatively cheap price.

We can add a little coconut milk, and mix it with our noodle seasoning and stir it until it perfectly combined. When we mix it, try not to add too much coconut milk, because when we put it in too much, later it will cover the taste of the noodles, so try to only use enough of it. We can also add, eggs and cheese, if you want to make it very creamy. Personally, this is the ingredients that I like the most. This ingredients is only suitable for the noodle that contain a soup.

Those are the 3 ingredients that will make your noodle taste more unique, when we eat noodles, we are not allowed or advised not to eat it in large quantities, or regularly, because it will interfere with our digestive tract, and is not good for our digestive tract.  It’s best to eat noodles 2 times a week so that our digestive tract is safe and, I won’t force you to have to try those three secret ingredients because after all, it all comes back to your taste, there are people who like it, there must be people who don’t like it.  But it can be used as a reference for us to try different noodle flavors that we rarely encounter, so when we eat our noodles, we discover something new and unique. When we are in a time of pandemic like this, then we can try various new menus from the noodles that we make, it will give us a new impression when we eat it.


Actually, there are still a lot of secret ingredients that can be used to make our noodles more unique and delicious, but the three ingredients above are the easiest ingredients to come across in our daily lives. In this modern day and age, we can make our own food even more upgraded, the three ingredients above can also be a new menu idea, for people who have a noodle restaurant or want to start a food business. Because to be able to compete with other businesses, we must be a creative people and have extraordinary bright ideas, so that there are many people who are interested in our business. With the uniqueness that we have, plus the delicious taste of the noodles, a lot of people will like it.

I hope that with some of these secret recipes and ingredients, there will be more ideas for a producer of instant noodles, to make a flavor variants of instant noodles in the future.  Because it is very possible that there will be a lot of people who likes the taste and uniqueness of the noodles that use these secret ingredients. I also believe that sooner or later, the instant noodles out there will appear with even more unique flavors and shapes. If you want to take look on another recipe, you can click it here.


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