December 2, 2022
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3 Best Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is a beautiful metropolis where everything and everyone is always busy 24/7.

Moreover, because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, therefore we have people from all around the country or even internationally gathered here.

So, you don’t have to worry about your needs here. Many aspects are available for you and more importantly there are numerous activities available to you during your visit.

However, with the limited time you must spend here, you must plan on what you can do while you’re here.

So, as a Jakarta resident, I have compiled a list of the top 3 things that are perfect for a first or second travel to the city that you should do during your visit!

A quick travel through Mini Indonesia–Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

To start I would like to recommend you something all in one pack. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or short for TMII is a culture-based recreational theme park located in East Jakarta, Indonesia. Is an all-around theme park that has balance in the more natural side of Jakarta and also modern vibes.

Inside these amazingly large theme parks, there are scattered many attractions, I would like to mention a few of them.

The 26 Venues of Indonesian Provinces

The first is the 26 venues of Indonesian provinces that are spread out in different areas throughout the entire park. 

These venues or pavilions represent the synopsis of Indonesian culture.

It is representing virtually every aspect of daily life in each of Indonesia’s 26 provinces represented.

Inside the pavilions, you can enjoy collections of Rumah adat as examples of Indonesian vernacular architecture.

Other than that, there is also traditional clothing, dances, and traditions all depicted flawlessly. 

It is also worth noting that now and then it seems that each pavilion has its agenda. One of which is usually a traditional dance competition.

Therefore, if you are lucky you might as well catch the event when you visit there.

Traditional Dance Reog Ponorogo Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Anniversary festival Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah”
IG: tmiiofficial

Archipelago lake

Swan Water Bike Ride

Moving on to a huge lake in the middle of which is a miniature of the archipelago of Indonesia.

You can see clearly from above by using cable cars.

Or if you are afraid of the high no worries because you can rent swan pedalo rides.


Next, we have plenty of museums, namely these three are my top recommendation because of how fun they are to visit and have interesting attractions.

Namely, the first one is the Transportation Museum, where you can see the evolution of Indonesian transportation.

You can also take a ride inside an old train that is literally still using coal to function.

The second one is the Indonesian stamps Museum, is focused on showing a collection of stamps evolution in Indonesia and all over the world.

Lastly, the Technological Center (Pusat Peragaan IPTEK), which in my opinion is the most fun out of all I have mentioned before.

This museum has many attractive sections that get you involved to play with science technology. Even in one of the sections you get to try to experience the simulation of an earthquake in a small house.

Keong Mas

Keong Mas Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Lastly, you cannot miss this one!

Every Indonesian friend that you have must know this one because it is just so iconic.

Keong Emas is the first 4D Cinema that was shaped like a snail shell that was painted gold, in Indonesia.

For further information, you can go visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah website to check the price for all these attractions.

Learn about the Jakarta’s history through the majestic Kota Tua

Our next stop is a majestic site where the most concentrated history of Jakarta can be found. That is Kota Tua, which is essentially a collection of historical buildings in Jakarta.

Kota Tua Jakarta (“Jakarta Old Town”), officially known as Kota Tua, is a neighbourhood in Jakarta, Indonesia that includes the city’s original downtown area.

The site contains mostly Dutch-style structures dating from the 17th century when the port city served as VOC’s Asian headquarters during the spice trade’s heyday. It covers an area of 1.3 square kilometres in North and West Jakarta

Kota Tua Jakarta is one of the tourist icons of the capital city. The arrival of the Dutch played an important role in the history of the formation of the Old City.

Therefore, it is not surprising even when you look from a far you can easily recognize that the typical Dutch colonial nuance is very strong in this area, especially from the ‘abandoned’ buildings with European-style architecture.

I recommend you bring DSL or have your smartphone with you because you don’t want to miss out taking a picture in this aesthetic place. Also, because Kota Tua is a complex there is so much to explore.

There many museums scattered trough out this area, and here are just some of my top recommendations of museum that you can visit during your stops there!

(I recommend these three because its literally in one complex, so you don’t have to walk far from each museums).

The Fatahillah Museum

A trip to Kota Tua would be incomplete without a visit to one of the city’s most famous museums, the Fatahillah Museum.

The architectural style of this museum is similar to that of Amsterdam’s Dam Palace

The Jakarta History Museum is the official name of this museum. However, it is better known as the Fatahillah Museum because it is located on Fatahillah Street. 

There are 23,200 collections of historical items here, both original and replicas of former Pajajaran and Tarumanagara Kingdom relics.

Girl pose Inside Museum Fatahahilla things to do in Jakarta

Important note!

As I mentioned before, not only can you learn about the history of Jakarta.

Here, you can also take a lot of pictures!

Considering both the interior and the exterior are very aesthetic to take a photograph.

Source: IG: @virgiekesfiana

For further information, you can simply visit this website

The Wayang Museum

Moving on to the next building from The Fatahillah Museum, you can go to visit The Wayang Museum.

Here you can enjoy and admire the beauty of wayang as the traditional puppet theater of Indonesia.

You will find a variety of puppet collections from all over Indonesia and abroad. 

things to do in Jakarta
Museum Wayang
IG: @virgiekesfiana

The Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum

Lastly, is the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, the collection from the Jakarta Fine Arts Center (now known as the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum).

It demonstrates the uniqueness of the Indonesian fine arts ecosystem by demonstrating the dynamics of public and private institutions’ roles in the history of their development. 

Meanwhile, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics displays approximately 500 works of art in a variety of media. 

What is more interesting during your visit here is that you can also learn how to make pottery.

For more information go visit

Experience a different side of Jakarta’s nightlife in Monas

Did you know Monas or Monumen Nasional (translate: National Monument)? Yes! It is the Icon of Jakarta. Thus, you must visit the Monas to complete your visit to Jakarta.

This iconic monument is placed in the middle of Jakarta, being the literal heart of Jakarta. Monas is one of the green areas in Jakarta, so you can chill and walk around monas all day.

Important note! Thus, if you want to enjoy the historical side of Indonesia you can go inside the monas. I recommend you visit the independence hall during the day to experience the full experience of the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno, reading the independence declaration.

After all that daylight activity you might be thinking there is nothing left to do. However, what if I tell you that you can also visit Monas during the night.

That is right people, now monas open Monas Night Tour!

There are many things you can enjoy during your visit during the night, two of my favorites are going to Monas tower and watching Monas Dancing Fountain.

Monas Tower

You can climb to the top of Monas at a low-low price. You will go to the third floor, which is hundreds of meters above ground level.

As soon as the elevator doors opened you will be welcome by the cool evening breeze. The sparkling city lights look amazing from between the trellises of the Monas.

Monas’ peak rises 132 meters above sea level. You can admire the beauty of the night view of the Jakarta metropolis from there. When you look through the telescope, you can see how densely the skyscrapers are packed.

Monas Dancing Fountain

The last one before you go, you can go to the west side of Monas and enjoy the beauty of The Monas Jakarta Fountain.

This one is also one of my favorites attractions when I go to Monas because look at this! How pretty it is, words can’t describe how breathtaking it looks when you see it in person.

The show will be followed by music controlled by the operator in each of the two sessions. The Jakarta Fountain Monas plays national and regional music.

The Monas Jakarta Fountain, which uses laser-fired screen water technology, also displays a rainbow video and songwriting that accompanies its movements.

That is all I can share with you! Those are some of the things you should do during your visit to Jakarta. I think those are all interesting places with very beautiful views.

Lastly, I hope you have a good time in Jakarta. We’ll see you next time! ^^

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