December 2, 2022

10 Ways to Wear Retro Outfits

In term of fashion, retro style has influenced by style in the 50's to 80's.

Author : Naresha Aulia Balqist Setiawan

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Fashion is one of things that people like the most. For fashion enthusiast, mixing and matching any kind of clothes has become a common thing. Fashion itself is used as a form of self-expression and autonomy in particular place and time and create many fashion trends over the last five decades, such as a hipster fashion style, a chic fashion style, a casual fashion style, an artsy fashion style, and many more. Lately, in 2019, one of the fashion trends of the 50’s to 80’s namely retro trends became viral. The elegance of this retro trends has incredibly stunning effect on present day-fashionistas.

Retro means “backward” or it can also interpreted as “past”. So retro basically a movement to remember the past or nostalgic. In term of fashion, retro style has influenced by style in the 50’s to 80’s . Retro colors identified with bright colors like red or orange, because when they were released from the pressures of World War II, people seemed more confident and excited by dressing styles the depicted post-war excitement.

Retro fashion trends identified by using bright colors like red or yellow. Also, this fashion generally stand out disco styles, such as trousers pants and leather jacket. Then, this trends seem more glamorous because the clothes seem cheerful and crowded. This is influenced because when the retro trend emerged, the disco style was the current trend at that time. Because of that, the clothes are also made as crowded as possible.

This time, I will tell you 10 ways to wear retro outfits. I am pretty sure after you read this, you will understand better how to wear retro outfits.

1. Sweater with colorful stripes

Colorful-stripes sweater

The main key to dress in retro style is a bright color such as red and orange, so using a colorful-stripes sweater is perfect to supporting your retro looks. You can mix this colorful-stripes sweater with boyfriend jeans. Jeans are one of the pants that match with any kind of styles, so mixing and matching colorful-stripes sweater with boyfriend jeans will make your appearance look retro but casual at the same time. You can also use boots and tinted glasses to make your appearance look boyish and cool.

2. printed shirt

If you have a printed shirt that has many patterns and colors, then don’t hesitate to use it because you can create a youthful retro-style. Printed shirt itself are one of the hallmarks for retro outfits. You can use a printed shirt with a colored pattern and try to mix and match it with blue skinny jeans or you can mix it with a black culottes pants. You don’t need to be afraid to use bright colors and mix and match it with various color because retro outfit often have striking colors in every outfit.

3. Graphic Tee with high-waist jeans

I assume this is an outfit that probably most people have in their own closets because it is super easy to match. Pairing with graphic t-shirts especially band t-shirts with high-waist jeans is an easy and straightforward retro look to find and master. You can tie your flannel shirt or add a bright jacket to add a cool and casual impression. You can also add some accessories for your outfit, such as a hoops earrings or layered jewelry to add a feminine and cute impression.

4. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits started to become popular in the 1960 and reached great popularity in the 70’s, worn by both men and women! From Cher to Elvis, jumpsuits rule the music industry. Jumpsuits are a popular look with people who frequent the disco scene. So, a jumpsuit is the perfect disco party retro outfit to choose. You can choose a jumpsuit with short sleeves and wide legs and match it with a matching belt and tinted glasses to add a retro and a modern look at the same time. For shoes, you can use a platform shoes to sweeten your retro outfit.

5. Corduroy

Corduroy was first popularized when the sitcom The Brady Bunch was aired. Therefore, corduroy is suitable to support your retro outfit. Grab your Corduroy jacket and pair it with a matching turtleneck so that your retro outfit looks fantastic. For accessories, you can add round-frame glasses to give a cool impression for your appearance!

6. Overalls

Overalls first appeared in the British Army in the 1750 as a protective covering for formal wear. With the refinement of Levi Strauss denim in the 1870, overalls proved durable and comfortable enough that by the early 20th century, miners and railroad workers generally wore them. However, over time, these overalls have become an interesting fashion trend and can be used by any group. So, overalls is one of the clothes that can be used to get a retro feel. To get a retro feel, you can mix and match your overalls with colorful-stripes shirt, graphic t-shirt, or turtleneck. To sweeten your outfit, you can also add accessories such as a belt or bandana. And don’t forget, you can use platform sandals to add a sweet impression.

7. Denim-on-Denim

Denim-on-denim was first popularized in the 90’s by many celebrities, one of which is Heidi Klum. Then, after that, this denim-on-denim was again popularized by the couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at that time. After that, a lot of people wore these denim-on-denim looks. I think, Denim-on-denim is perfect for everyone from kids to adults, because anyone can put it on and take it off. Besides anyone can wear it, Denim-on-Denim is easier to follow because jeans are very easy to find in your closet. BY mixing and matching denim-on-denim, you will look cool and trendy at the same time. The ideal way to keep up with this retro trend is that you can mix two different colors and achieve the right balance.

8. Striking colors on outfits

Besides using bright colors on their outfits, retro trend also highlights the striking colors of the outfit that they wear. The collision of various colors in one outfit often makes the followers of this trend feel doubtful, because striking colors in one outfit looks unsuitable and stands out too much. However, fashion is all about challenge, so you don’t need to be afraid to combine various colors in your outfit. If it’s your first time to striking colors in your outfit, you can use a navy turtleneck, use a red blazer as your outer, and pineapple pants to sweeten your appearance to make it look trendy and cool at the same time. However, if you still doubt to striking various of colors, you can combine only 2 bright colors on your outfit.

9. Swing dress

Perhaps, the first person that comes to your mind after seeing this swing dress is Marilyn Monroe. Yes, Marilyn Monroe wore a swing dress in the 1950. Therefore this swing dress is perfect for supporting your retro outfit. You can wear a polka-dotted swing dress like this to add cute impression. To sweeten your appearance, you can add a scarf tied on your neck, gloves, belt around your waist, and shoes match the belt.

10. Velour Tracksuits

Besides Marilyn Monroe and her swing dress, the first person that come to your mind after seeing or hearing velour Tracksuits is Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton often caught wearing Velour Tracksuit wherever she is, whether she is shopping or when she attends the Red Carpet. Besides being comfortable, Velour Tracksuit is suitable for use in any case, such as when you have to attends the important event like Red Carpet, or when you hangout with your friend. If you have to attends the important event, you can wear this Velour Tracksuit and pair it with heels. But, if you want to hangout with your friend, you can pair it with sneakers, tote bags, and glasses like eye cat shades to sweeten your appearance and add feminine side of your looks!

How is it so far? Is there a style you’d like to try? If you want to know more, you can check the link below!

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After reading this article, you are not confused anymore, right?

Retro outfits is one of the trends that can be followed by us who like fashion in the 50’s until 80’s. We can also mix and match it with any kind of clothes and accessories to sweeten your looks. However, it is undeniable that we can wear retro style because it is easy to find those kind of clothes in our closets.

Along with the times, there are a lot of fashion trends has emerged. But, retro style is one of the trends that easy to mix and match and combined it with modern clothes in today’s era. In addition, retro style is very easy to find around us because mostly our parents have that kind of clothes. So, we can wear it and we don’t need to spend our money excessively.

Above all, this outfit inspiration in this article can give you more information mix and match your clothes to make them look retro. This article also provides various options and ways to mix and match your clothes to make them look retro so you have a lot of choice.

Well, happy reading!

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