December 1, 2022

10 “Healthy” Packed Foods And Drinks From Are Actually Bad For Our Health

Not every healthy foods and drinks are actually healthy!

Foods and drinks cannot be replaced in our daily lives. We eat at least twice a day and drink 2 liters of water for a normal, healthy person. There are lots of types of foods, whether they be junk foods, healthy foods, etc. To keep ourselves healthy in a short amount of time, we often bought packed foods from the supermarket as a fast solution.

Little do we know, these so-called ” healthy ” foods and drinks are actually not healthy at all, or even cause damage to your health !. Surprisingly, we commonly consume some of these ” healthy ” foods and drinks every single day. To avoid us from overconsuming them, here are 10 ” healthy ” packed foods and drinks from supermarkets that are actually bad for our health :

  1. Processed organic food

Organic food should be healthy because it is made from natural and fresh vegetables or fruits, right ? Wrong ! Not every bag of fresh vegetables or fruits is fully healthy. As natural as these products look, there is a possibility that they are covered with pesticides, which are harmful not only to pests but also to humans if consumed in large amounts.

Pesticides are only one of them. There are also additional substances such as artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, and even sugar, or organic raw cane sugar. Just because they are labeled organic does not necessarily make them healthier, although some of the time they may be.

2. Protein bars

Protein bars are a favourite for those who love to work out. Whether going to the gym or just running around your house, these bars can keep you energized without consuming lots of food. It is also delicious and contains lots of protein.

Besides all that, most protein bars are also packed with a high amount of fructose corn syrup, lots of sugar, trans fats, and other unhealthy ingredients to make these bars taste delicious.

Protein bars are no different than chocolate bars at this point. You are most likely doing more harm than good when eating these protein bars after working out. If you want a real source of protein, you can stick to the healthier and natural options, such as eggs, fish, and beans.

3. Diet soda or zero sugar soda

In order to reduce the amount of calories in a can of soda, companies have started to market new products claiming to have “no sugar ” and ” no calories “. Thus, diet soda or zero-sugar soda was born. They add ” diet ” or ” zero sugar ” into the product and also usually change the base color of the can, but what is the difference between this and the normal soda can ?

For those who have diabetes, diet soda or zero-sugar soda is a good substitute option, but it is best for those without the disease to also avoid these drinks in the first place. It is because there is no significant difference between a diet soda and a normal soda, both of which contain additives, chemicals, and dyes.

4. Skim milk or low – fat milk

This milk is supposed to be the best option for those who are trying to lose some weight and stay healthy at the same time. But in reality, full – fat milk actually might be healthier than skim milk or fat – free milk.

Some scientists found that whole milk with no reduced content may be better for a person’s overall cholesterol level, even though fat – free milk has less cholesterol. In addition, the full content of milk as a whole contains more health benefits, such as more prominent vitamins A, D, E, and K. We’d better drink the whole milk to maximize the benefits of milk, not just water that pretends to be milk.

5. Fruit juice

If you wanted something healthy, you must have chosen fruit juice instead of soda. Despite the fact that they appear to be healthier, these pre – packaged cheap fruit juices sold in supermarkets usually only contain fruit – flavored sugar water and no actual fruit.

They replaced real fruit with artificial fruit flavours to reduce the production cost. Even real fruit juice contains sugar, and all the benefits you get from the fruit itself, like fiber, have been taken away.

Fruit juice is likely to leave you tired, hungry, and irritable because of its high content of sugar. Eat the fruit normally without blending it and turning it into a fruit juice is not a bad idea at all !.

6. Smoothies

The idea of blending vegetables and fruits seems like a healthy and delicious option. It can also be a substitute for sweet, sugary drinks. Depending on how these delicious drinks are made, they may contain lots of calories and sugar that will not make you healthier what so ever.

Usually, smoothies were also made with sugary fruit juice, scoops of ice cream, and frozen yoghurt, which made this should – be – healthy – drink less healthy or even not healthy at all. Especially smoothies that are already packed and ready to drink. It could contain nearly as many calories as a soda can has.

It is better to make it yourself with your own ingredients because you know what is inside your smoothie, even though it might not taste as good as you expect.

7. Yoghurt

Who does not love this smooth, creamy, refreshing sour food ? Based on fermented milk, nearly everyone loves this food. But in this case, we are going to talk about the content of yoghurt. There are lots of types of yoghurts out there. It depends on what brand you buy and how you eat it. Yogurt can be different in its contents.

Yes, plain yoghurts are a great source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics, but, the thing is, not every content of a yoghurt is equal. Some of the cheap yoghurt you can find in a store may contain additives like artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, and a high amount of sugar. It is better to check the content of the yoghurt brand you are about to buy to avoid this content.

8. Cereal

Cereals are one of the most common foods for breakfast. It is fast and easy to make; just pour the cereal into a bowl, add some milk to it, and voila ! You have got yourself a breakfast for today !. But as delicious and crunchy as these cereals are, they are actually considered unhealthy.

They made most of the cereals with chemicals, artificial flavors, and artificial colors, and they diminished most or any potential nutrition. Furthermore, some of the cereals are full of sugar and refined carbohydrates. You might want to change your breakfast menu after reading this one.

9. Packaged salad

While for breakfast you can have cereal, for lunch, you can have packaged salad from the supermarket. Fresh packaged salads seem to be a good option for a quick lunch. Just take one from the shelf, pay for it, and you have got yourself a lunch ready to eat.

There is no doubt that salad is a healthy food, but not all packaged salads are. It can contain up to a thousand calories, thanks to other ingredients like cheese, meat, and croutons. Also, don’t forget the dressing, which is full of sugar and trans fat.

A fresh salad is best served from home, but if you still want to have a take – out packaged salad, remember to pick the one without the additional ingredients, and also don’t forget to throw away the dressing. Only vegetables are allowed to stay in your salad at lunch !

10. Veggie patties or burger

The last food to be mentioned on this list is an alternate menu for the vegetarians. Just like the name of the food suggests, it does not contain any meat at all, only vegetables that look like beef patties. Replacing beef patties with vegetables sounds pretty healthy, right ? Well, in reality, it is not really 100% vegetables.

They also contain chemicals, preservatives, and unhealthy oils to make them look like a burger. Even though the amount of calories and fat in this food is lower than the normal beef burger, it is not worth the chemicals put into your body. You can also make your own burger with a healthier recipe.

The foods and drinks that are mentioned above are only 10 out of hundreds or even thousands of unhealthy foods and drinks served around us. Just because they are mentioned in this list does not mean that these foods and drinks are dangerous or inedible.

These foods and drinks are 100% guaranteed safe to eat because otherwise, they will not be on a supermarket shelf if they are not. Just keep in mind to consume these foods in moderation. As long as you pay attention to the food that you eat and work out regularly, you can live a happy, healthy life.

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